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Three in the Three

Katy calms her nerve to rock out at Fashion Week.


We found out that this week was all about the Catwalk! I was really happy to hear that because I know I do a great job on the runway. Niki also said that we wouldn't be having a photo shoot to fall back on this week, so we had to prove how bad we wanted this in our fashion show.

Later that night, we came home to find out we had a party to go to! Everyone at the house was all dressed up and we went to Blue Fin in Times Square for Ronnie's and Ben's birthday. We had a good time but didn't get home until 12:30am.

We left the house and went downtown off of Bowery for our New York Fashion Week show. We learned that we would be walking in a Form fashion show, a collection I hadn't heard of but none the less excited to walk for. Hair and makeup were simple- low bun for girls, nude face(clean face) w/ bright pink lips.

Girls I hadn't seen before young all had the same look (Russian?).

I had little butterflies before the show but Cory said I surprised him when I came out on the runway- he was smiling and happy when he told me. Which made me totally proud.

The boys were walking in Scott French's show at Bryant Park, so we went to watch them. I thought they really did a good job overall. I saw Nigel again and he's sooo cute! I also saw Tyra after the show. So beautiful in person- I couldn't believe I saw her! Then we went to the stage for elimination. Today's theme was Downtown NY style with a little grunge and Rock & Roll.
I definitely want to take a boxing class when I get home. Clay also said that the gym he trains at in Brooklyn is the same one Hillary Swank trained at for Million Dollar Baby!

Even though I did great at the form show, I was back in the bottom three because they claim that I am 'not determined'. No matter what I do - it's not good enough. Instead of wanting to go home- I want to push harder to be here. We came home at 12:30am and pizza was waiting for us. Of course I did not eat any because I know its not worth it in the long run. I always eat right and have plenty of water and juice- I think I was the only one who didn't eat any.

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