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Being Naked

Tyson Beckford opens up about this week's revealing photo shoot.

This week the models had to get naked. How do you think they did overall?

Not bad for kids learning to model. Not bad. When you get down to it, being naked is quite intimidating. Once you get it out of the way and realize it's professional and nobody's staring at your junk, you'll be fine. I've had experience with that before. Society puts down being naked like it's a bad thing, but that's truly who we are. Once you get past all that you can breath and you can relax. In the case of some of the kids who realized that, they really felt free after that.

What did you think were some of the best accessories to choose?

Jordan picked something good. She picked a bag. I love the fact that Sandhurst picked the gloves. I was looking at what the challenge was and I was thinking, let me see who picks what. You know, the scarves are always good. Jonathan picked the scarf. You just gotta be able to work that accessory. Any way you put it. The scarf, the bag, gloves -- those are really good accessories that you can really use in your shot and cover yourself up.

Let's evaluate everyone. You had to help out Branden a lot.

Yeah, we had to help him a lot. He's the baby of the clique. He's never done this before. It's also having control of your body. I don't think he really has full control over that. Not because he's eighteen, but he never used his body for anything like this before so we had to teach him a little. After a while, I had to go and have a conversation. If this was a $50,000 gig we would have to scrap this and shoot all over again. We probably shouldn't have let Branden hear that because that might have crushed his confidence a little as well. He thought he wasn't doing such a good job. You didn't see it on camera, but I did pump him back up to finish that. You just need one person to tell you you're doing a good job.

Did you all realize how homesick he was?

No, I had no idea. Like I said, I don't have that much personal insight about what goes on in the house. That plays a big part. Somebody commented on the blog and said that I just cut Colin off. If you were watching, you would see how I babied Colin. I helped him. Like I said, it was his time. You can't keep a guy just because he's good looking. You don't pick your airplane pilot because he's good looking. He can't fly a plane, but he's good looking! Let him fly us around! No, you just don't do that. The one who has the skill is the one who should move on. It was only fair. You have to pick the people who deserve to go to the next level.

What about Jonathan?

He gets it, man. That's what we want them to do. We're almost to the end and the tiniest little mistake will send you home. You made a mistake in the beginning and it's OK. Right now, there's no mistake and Jonathan gets it. He was dead on.

What about Mountaha?

She did good. She had a great walk. Her walk was incredible. The only one who can mess it up for her is her right now. Mountaha is like a little puppy who looks up to Nicole. I've worked with all the big girls - Cindy, Kate, Iman, Tyra. I have working with all those women under my belt and Nicole doesn't have that track record. I felt like I just wanted to jump in and help Mountaha.

What was the key to doing well on that catwalk? It didn't seem very easy. Branden seemed to have trouble.

It's not like there's no air or ventilation. He got knocked down for his cockiness and he hasn't really bounced back.

Salome won the assignment, but everyone said they cut her off above the waist.

You got to understand that the item she picked was earrings. It's not necessary to shoot a full body when all you have is just earrings. So, a lot of those kids don't really realize what the assignment was. It's not always about the full body. She was just lucky to have picked the earrings.

What about Sandhurst?

He did well. I was very instructive. The pose I gave Sandhurst was something I did. I just passed it on to the kid. It worked for him, especially with the glove. I just went back in my rolodex and pulled it out.

What about Jordan?

It didn't have enough creativity. It wasn't creative enough. She lost out on that one. Her problem is she is constantly stressing out about Amanda. It gets annoying. Now there's nobody left to stress about.

Do you think Amanda deserved to go home?

Honestly, I thought Branden bombed this time, but she deserved it too. The judges were tired of her.

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