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Damn My Skills

Jonathan breaks down this week's fishy challenge and calls Branden out on his choice of girls.


On the subway to Coney Island I had visions of what this shoot could involve; oh sh-t it’s cold outside! It’s going to be a beach shoot I can feel it! 

Yup I’m right. Step onto the beach to find T & N and a bunch of dead sea creatures!

Nice, so we’re going to be wearing dead fish etc. as our photo shoot props. We met the photographer and his partner and found out what our props would be.

I got two big fish!!

Shoot time, posing … jumping etc. I went first and the temp was so cold I could feel my hands cramping up. One hand was inside one fish and the other was holding the tail.

Got the pics back and they chose another crazy one of me jumping when I knew there were others where I looked at least a little bit sexy.

Marlon came round that night to show all the pics from the shoot. He agreed that there were better shots but he chose the jump one cause I was able to do it. Damn my skills!

11TH RUNWAY – two blondes and a bunch of corsets

Well, well, well. I thought it had been kind of tame up till now not having the guys wear that much feminine couture. Today was the day. As the two blonds walk down the runway, I hear Branden admiring the girl. Branden, when a girl has an Adam’s apple, she’s not a full girl. I was wearing Fergie’s corset from a music video which cost around $20,000. I might have to steal it if I don’t win the show. 

I don’t care what anyone says … these corsets hurt like hell even though everyone was being very macho about it, including me.

Not really having hips was somewhat of a hindrance as the corset by definition is made for women.

The walk was pretty good so I wasn’t too worried about heading home yet.

Salome was sent home along with her rule of the pictures. I’ve gone back and forward about her, do I dislike her for any real reason … not really. Will I be sad to see her go … not so much. Wow, I’m mean aren’t I?

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