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No Fear

Laury discusses her confidence level through the first challenge.

We were thrown deep into the competition today with our first photo shoot. With every shoot there are challenges and this week’s challenge is to be able to share an intimate moment with someone while the world watched. Most individuals would have been afraid to attempt this shoot, but not me because I am ready for anything and everything.

Being suspended high above the ground in a clear box was not intimidating to me at all because I’m not afraid of heights. I also felt comfortable posing in lingerie with my partner Jonathan because I’ve done similar shoots in the past so I am feeling really good about my performance today.

Nicole came over with our books and I’m so excited to see the final photo. At first glance I loved our shot because we both looked comfortable and our bodies looked amazing. There’s a feeling of romance in the pose so I feel we brought to life the photographer’s vision perfectly.

After Nicole left, Cory stopped by our place and surprised us with measurement tape. Some of the other models were a bit worried because their bodies are not in perfect condition but I am ready for Corey because my body is in great shape and I only need a little improvement. After our measuring with Cory my confidence level is even higher because among the girls I have one of the best bodies, so I’m feeling really good right now. The only thing Corey feels I need to work on is my butt because I have what you call a “plump Haitian booty.” I’m proud of my Haitian booty but I know it may be too much for the modeling industry so I’m going to do whatever it takes to tone up. I’m not letting nothing or no one stand in my way of winning this competition.

Today we had our first runway and it felt so good to be on a real catwalk. I’ve been working on my walk for years and I know it shows. I know my walk is not perfect yet so I’m excited to get advice from the pros. I loved the look for the fashion show it was a toned down version of couture. I wore a pink outfit that I absolutely loved and that helped my performance on the catwalk.

I made it through the first elimination and I am so proud. Tonight I am going to unpack all my bags and settle into the apartment because I’m ready to fight my way to the end of the competition.

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