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Who's sexy? Who's bitchy? Nicole Trunfio weighs in on the models.

Let's go through all the models this week, starting with Branden.

I definitely gave him a wake-up call which I think he really needed, because he has so much potential. Sometimes you have to get knocked down so you can get up again, then you get up again 10 times stronger. He has so many great attritubutes that his cockiness was getting in the way, it was just turning people off. I personally like the cockiness because he's charismatic and charming and he means no harm, but I could see how it could get annoying being around him for a long time. At least he wasn't being boring and he wasn't a robot. I hate robots, I hate when people are so robotic. At least he has some character.

Tyson said that he didn't know if it would happen for him.

I think he has posture problems. I think Tyson said that because he's tall. He's extremely tall. They're all tall and you don't really realize it. I think Tyson really looks at statistics. And sometimes the statistics can say it's not gonna happen and sometimes it's a case of Kate Moss, she's 5'6 1/2 or something. She made it.

What about Jonathan?

There's something really authentic about him. I think he's cool and he's sweet and he performs. You know when you can't relate to someone 100 percent? I can't relate to him yet. I need to see more of what's inside.

What about Kerryn?

I think she's awesome. I think she's so sexy, she has a great vibe. She's getting better and her confidence is getting better. I think she's doing well. She definitely needs to step up her game. She definitely needs to stand out a lot more than she is if she wants to win this competition. She's concentrating more on herself. She came to realize it's not about everyone else in the house, it's about just her.

What about Laury?

If you want to be a model you have to be confident about your face. I wanted to see more of her face and I told her that I wanted to see more of her face and there's a picture where her face is half blocked. She's lucky she got to stay. If I were a judge I would have sent her home over Gabe, just because of the presence factor. People talk about Gabe. If they talk about him it means they care about him. But he's just not taking our advice. It's ridiculous. I think we kicked him off out of principle too. It's making us look stupid too. We're here to help you, but if you don't want our help then bye bye. The industry is not going to be there for you to keep helping you. You got to help yourself. So he just had to go. He's just so miserable. He just doesn't get it. I don't even think he wants it. I don't feel like he cares. His care factor is 0. I don't know what to do with him.

What about Mountaha?

She walked well. She's definitely getting better and better each week. I don't what else to say. She's doing well, but she kind of faded into the middle group. She did well on runway, she's definitely edgy, she's got something. I don't know if the underwater shoot served what she's about this week. I didn't take too much note of her. I need someone to stand out to me every single week. Salome caught my eye at the beginning of the show. I saw a star walk in. If you see a star walk in you want to see them shine every week. But instead of getting better she seemed to get a little more insecure, and then there's her weight, but I am so proud of her this week. So proud of what she did. She overcame her fear. It was really scary to watch the show and see her almost drown. It was really, really scary. She sucked it up. She got in there and she knew what she had to do. And she took a gorgeous picture. I remember being on a shoot and they were like, "You have to shoot while riding horses." I was like, "OK, cool." I had never been on a horse. I relate to her like that. I jumped on the horse and I was galloping and after the shoot finished I got off and told them I'd never been on a horse before. They told me they I looked like I was born on it.That's the power of the mind. Say that you can do something and you can do it. She didn't do that in the beginning, she was very honest about not being able to swim. She did it. She got a great picture. I'm super proud of her.

Perou said she's girlfriend cute and not model cute.

Girlfriend cute because of her figure. It's just not a model figure at all. But her face is beautiful. She can wear every single makeup really well. I've never seen her look horrible. She holds herself very well. She's got a really cool look. She's not too commercial. I feel like she's someone who definitely has potential to be a great model.

Next we have Sandhurst. Do you see a big difference with him this week?

I didn't think there was a big difference. I think he deserved to take it. Definitely his runway was great. It was amazing, and he holds himself very well. He needs to work on his photoshoots a bit more. Definitely it's great to have the dancer background, but it's annoying sometimes too, because you don't want to be a dancer, you want to be a model. I was a ballet dancer and a tap dancer and a jazz dancer. I've definitely had so much experience, but I don't let it shine through too much so I don't get pigeonholed in that category. He's just gotta be really careful with that because if we see that too much we're just gonna be like, "Go dance."

What about Jordan? She won the shoot and the go see.

Jordan is the girl who I always say I would send out to be a model. She's got that attitude, she's pale, she's thin. Her hips are a problem, and she needs to stop wasting her energy with Amanda. They're two completely different looks and she needs to do her own thing and stop being so bitchy. She needs to concentrate on herself. Focus on her life and what she likes instead of other people.

What about Amanda? She was focusing on Gabe.

That needs to stop now. That's annoying. It's quite silly. The argument was so ridiculous.

What about Colin? You said his picture would get him laid.

I said a lot of other things about that picture that didn't get aired. I guess it was inappropriate. He's hot. He's sexy. It's just a shame that he doesn't have that personality to match it. He has potential. He's so in his head. Even though Sandhurst won, I said to him, "I like your picture better than everyone else." He's so stunning that he can hold his face under water. He's not too evasive, he's not intimidating. He's just easy on the eyes. Underwater is hard because faces change under water and his didn't. He fought me. He's like, "No..but I think with that angle...and my face..." and this and that. I was like, "Colin. Just say you look sexy." He was like, "Yeah, but I think that..." and I was like, "Colin, stop." He's a little too analytical and in his head and it really shows up. He has no idea of what he thinks he should look like and what he thinks a model should be. He just needs to own it and be himself. That is what's going to take him through more than anything else. Even if he's quirky he just needs to own it. I love inperfections in people, not that he has any, but he obviously thinks he does.

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