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A Little Fun Mixed With a Little Drama

Caroline discusses why it was hard to get to know Albie's girlfriend.

By Caroline Manzo

Hello, and thank you for watching Manzo’d With Children! We appreciate every single one of you and hope you continue watching for the next few weeks. 

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This week’s episode had a little bit of fun mixed with a little bit of drama. Let’s talk about the fun first; the drama isn’t exactly something I enjoy. 

Albie and Christopher have opened a satellite version of Little Town at the Meadowlands Race Track in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (The Original Little Town NJ is located in Hoboken on Sinatra Drive. Go check it out!) I have to admit I was a little surprised when I arrived and saw a beer truck with a stand, but it works! The vibe is fun and relaxed, like a picnic. It may not be the biggest beer garden in the country, but it’s fun, and the beer is cold! Big thanks to my husband Al for getting the truck. He’s a really great “guy.” 

Let’s talk about Albie and Lauren’s fight. I get very upset when my kids fight, but it’s part of the growing process of family life. They are a necessary evil. I’d rather my kids argue than dismiss each other’s feelings and let resentment fester without communication. I won’t say too much more until next week. The saga continues and Al and I step in. Things get interesting. 

Brittany….. She’s a beautiful, beautiful girl with very little to say and very much to show. I’m having a challenging time getting past the visual and trying to get to know the person inside. This may take a while. Baby steps, Caroline, baby steps.


Again, thank you so much for watching. This show is designed to make you laugh and, at times, reflect on your life as it is shown through ours. I know many of you out there connect with us on different levels, and I want to hear about it! Through all the craziness, we hope that you see a family that loves each other dearly, and for me, nothing makes me happier. 

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