Chris: Watching Lauren Get Married Was Insane

Chris: Watching Lauren Get Married Was Insane

Chris Manzo opens up about accomplishing one of his dreams and what it felt like watching his sister get married.

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Chris' First Look at His Book Cover How did it feel seeing your book cover for the first time?
Chris Manzo: It was surreal! Seriously. I still keep a photo copy of it everywhere that I go on the regular. Anyone that knows me well knows that this is what I have wanted to do my entire life. To see it and physically hold it - awesome. How is your book coming along? When will it be in stores?
CM: It's going great! It will be in stores this coming March and on pre-sale now online and I will likely be going to the moon and back promoting it, as well as making everybody hate me on social media. Do you plan on continuing to write children's books?
CM: That's the goal! I guess I'll see how it goes on this - I plan on fully dedicating myself for at least the next couple of years to it though. I really enjoy it. I am in the middle of taking a writing class, as well as reading everything I can get my hands on.

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Lauren and Vito Say I Do Can you explain what it felt like watching your sister get married?
CM: Watching Lauren get married was insane. I have seen, worked on, been to, so many weddings, and I kind of thought I was numb to them, but seeing Lauren walk down the aisle was like getting hit by a truck. What was your favorite part of Lauren's wedding day?
CM: The parts they were kind enough not to air...we had a lottttttttttt of fun.

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Manzo'd With Children Blooper Reel

Just want to say thank you to everyone who watches and works on the show. We have so much fun filming it, then so much fun interacting with everyone when it's airing. It's a cliche, but it really is one massive family. I just finished watching the wedding episode so excuse the nostalgia. Much love everyone! 

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