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Don't Mess with the Incredible Huqs

Mariah won't be kissing Kari's ring anytime soon, and she's out to show that her family can survive anything.

By Mariah Huq

A strong marriage is built upon a foundation of many things including God, love, trust, acceptance, and open communication. Despite Duncan's absurd divorce predictions based on my lapse in judgment last week, the bond between Aydin and I will always remain in tact!

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I appreciate the fact that we keep it real with one another and hold each other accountable, good or bad, because it doesn't change the level of love, support, and respect that we share. Yaaass, I love my babe and he definitely loves me! #IncredibleHuQ's

This week was a tough one. I had to take some time to gather my thoughts and think of the impact of my actions. It was a good opportunity to truly reflect on my relationships with some of the ladies.

I appreciate Quad's friendship and loyalty through the good, bad, and ugly. I'm not going to pretend that I wasn't hurt Dr. Jackie invited all the ladies to her home except for me and Quad. I suppose Quad's crime is that she's my friend. And I don't understand why Dr. Simone made a rush to judgment without hearing my side, considering that her very profession has taught her to examine all of the facts before drawing a final conclusion. Not to mention our nine-year family history.

Is it me or does it seem that Kari is very condescending to all of the wives? It's becoming a weekly habit for her. Her comment that I will need to get on my knees to "kiss the ring" as a condition for her friendship is #DEEP and something that will NEVER happen. I'm really confused as to what kind of knee-bending and ring-kissing they do back in England, but she will really #throwUpHerLife expecting me to bow to anyone besides the Lord.

Despite anyone's beliefs, I AM remorseful and deeply regret how I acted. As a mother, it's hard at times to remain objective when your child is involved. I think it's hard for anyone without kids to truly understand that when your child hurts, that you do as well. But, I'm not going to let that one incident define me or defeat me.

My vision for Married To Medicine was and continues to be a desire to show a different side of life in Atlanta. Successful young families who live, work, and play in the medical world. I didn't work on this project for the last few years to create another reality show based on negative stereotypes. Although I am one of the producers, I don't make the final decision on creative content, contrary to popular opinion. But never doubt that I'm behind-the-scenes trying to portray Atlanta women in a positive light. Southern women may occasionally stumble, but rest assured that we know how to pick ourselves up and RISE!

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