Prayer, Wine, and Time

Prayer, Wine, and Time

While Quad praises this week's reconciliations, she also has a couple questions.

I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with some of my old friends. It was like college days again. These ladies have been by my side every step of the way watching my transformation from a young bright-eyed, bushy-tailed girl to a woman of poise and stature. Now dolls, I love you girls, but if you say something about my husband’s voice again, I may have to come check you boo in my #ShereeWhitfield voice… Ha!

Onto the wine trip as the Atlanta Public Schools bus arrives disguised in a black tuxedo #007 #sherlockholmes to take us on our wine excursion. Hmmm with Kari having so much class and prestige, I was sure she chartered a Learjet. #KnockoffIvankaTrump 

Kari, I am not sure what you were trying to prove with the Paypal allegations when you know Mariah paid for that party. Girl, the only thing you mastered on this trip is getting us lit like Christmas trees. Everyone outside of Dr. Jackie that is. 

Dr. Jackie, better known as Mother Teresa, has brought us together yet again with a humble word of prayer. Prayer changes things only if you believe. #JesusWalks in my #KanyeWest voiceAfter this prayer, I feel like I’m ready for the Million Woman March with the girls. Oh, but wait a minute, don’t let me speak so fast. Dr. Jackie, I noticed you sent your teacher’s pet Dr. Simone over to sit between Mariah and I as if we were children. #Interesting

Nevertheless, it worked out perfectly, my girl Dr. Simone (Cocktail Clara) is back on deck #brownpaperbagstatus. Girl, pass the flask. I'm really overjoyed to see you have a one on one conversation with Mariah repairing your friendship. However, I have a couple questions for the Whitmores. No. 1 Dr. Simone, why did it take so damn long for you to converse with Mariah after the incident? You should have been second runner-up after me inquiring about what the hell happened and consoling her.

Cecil, I think it was very admirable you getting the men together for drinks, but I noticed you never invited my husband. No. 2, what lead to that decision? 

This week, Tacky Toya made a bit of progress in coming over to talk to Mariah which made Dr. Simone extremely nervous as she commented, “Whoo, if they don’t stop touching.” I think Dr. Simone thought she was going to have a ringside seat to the Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed or George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali bout #TheRumbleintheJungle  #ThrillerInManilaBut, oh no, ma’am, Dr. Simone no need to clutch your pearls -- there will be no more fighting amongst the women of Married to Medicine. We’ve grown past that. 

I would have never thought in a million years Toya and Mariah would share a hug after the altercation. There wasn’t a dry eye on the bus #SisterSledge #WeAreFamily #Kleenex  #CottonelleTissue  

All in all, I am happy Mariah and Toya put their issue to rest. We finally can prepare the obituary for Toya’s actions. The services will be held at Greater Mount Living God Pillar Ground and Truth Sanctuary World Overcomers New Birth Prince of Peace AME Church of God. #ROTF                                          

Let’s just hope it lasts and not resurrect from the grave. #R.I.P. #LetTheChurchSayAmen…



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