Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad gives you a lesson in psychiatry and has some choice words about what Toya and Kari see in the mirror.

on Mar 24, 2013

Hello Bravo bunnies! Welcome to Quad's world blog by Bravo. Thanks for tuning in to the premiere of Married to Medicine. I'm sure you were thoroughly entertained. Now with that being said, let's talk about episode one. I was very excited to celebrate Mariah's birthday. But clearly that was not the case. From the moment I walked in, I noticed that Toya and Dr. Jackie were giving me nasty looks like a pit bull on a bone. That normally happens when I'm around insecure women. #Quadsbeauty

Jackie asked if I was from another country. Didn't she get the memorandum? #Quadsworld.

Up next is Kari. From the beginning she introduced herself that evening by undermining my husband's title. I'm not sure what she was trying to achieve with that comment but I am positive she was left with egg on her face. The extra protein could be used to smooth out some of those wrinkles around the mandible and the neck. #smilelines #oldlady #rooster Need I say more.

While there's nothing wrong with being a Psychologist, my husband practices Psychiatry having completed a dual residency in Psychiatry and Internal Medicine at Duke.

So Kari, since it appears you don't know the difference and I'm not sure you have a degree, let me educate you.