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Getting Her Huxtable On

Simone wishes Quad wouldn't waste her time on the drama and has kind words for Dr. Jackie

By Simone Whitmore

The Doctor is in, but just barely!

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I am excited to chat with you about this week's Married to Medicine. I am adjusting to EST zone after returning from Los Angeles as a guest on The Doctors. Dr. Travis and Dr. Jim were outstanding hosts and I had a great time on their show. I will share the air date as soon as I have it.

Feathers were definitely flying at Docs on the Doc party at Mariah's beautiful home. Quad was on a mission to get some payback from Mariah's birthday party where she felt attacked by Kari and Toya. She left us last week saying she "had two cats to skin," and I guess Kari was the first cat! If you can't already tell, Quad will do her homework when it comes to opening up the closet on the ladies.

I attempted to talk to Quad at the party about not allowing the ladies to get her upset and the need to retaliate. As you can tell from Quad's reaction to me, she didn't want to hear it. However, I do believe she will get my point eventually. Quad is a smart lady and I know she will see that blowing up on these ladies is a waste of her valuable time.

It was a difficult day for me after reading the ultrasound for my patient Laura. I love my job and it is a great feeling to be a part of bringing beautiful babies into the world. Unfortunately, in women's health, I also have to deal with some serious issues related to the health of the babies and the moms. Fortunately, this finding resolved in a later ultrasound for my patient Laura and I was able to deliver some good news. Laura has delivered a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

I am glad Bravo is allowing you to get a peek inside my life as a doctor. You were introduced to my family and my boys are excited about seeing themselves on television. I have been married to my husband for 16 years. Cecil and I often tease each other about being married for 16 years with only two wonderful weeks in all of that time! LOL! Our honeymoon and a few special occasions make up the "two wonderful weeks." We met in college while I was attending Spelman College and he was attending Morehouse College.

I know many of these docu-drama series only show the drama and cat fighting, but Bravo has decided with Married to Medicine to show some different aspects of our lives. As you will see from my family, the Cosby show was not fictional, it exists all over America and we are definitely trying to get our Huxtable on.

I joked with my son about not attending his baseball games because it was hot outside, but I missed several of his games this year due to a very busy baby season. I am a solo practitioner at my practice, North Perimeter OB/GYN, and this means my schedule revolves around my patients and when they go into labor. I am so fortunate to have a great husband who picks up all of the slack when I have to run off to do a delivery or surgery and he truly understands the nature of my profession. For all of you future doctors and professional women, please make sure you choose the right significant other who supports your goals and who will work with you as a PARTNER. I love going to my boys' games and supporting them. I am the loudest parent at the park cheering the team on. Many of the parents call me Dr. Advil, because they need some after sitting next to me.

I am glad you were able see Quad in a professional capacity. After the first show many people didn't see her as a professional woman. Quad is a very successful sales associate in the medical arena, and, as you can see from this episode, she goes to work looking fierce and knowing her stuff. Married to Medicine is so much more than women who are married doctors and planning parties. Keep watching and you will get to learn more about each woman on this show. And I believe that it will change some opinions about our show being similar to the other shows. Many of the shows on Bravo star women with interesting personalities, but Married to Medicine will give you an insight into medicine, marriage, and family.

Mariah and Aydin are two of my favorite people and I am not sure who "hollered" first when they met but, I am glad they connected and they are both lucky to have each other! You also got an opportunity to see my friends Toya and Eugene out on a quick date in Atlanta on a beautiful day. My husband and I feel like Toya and Eugene are our younger brother and sister and we have a good time hanging out with them.

Jackie and I are good friends, even with all of her jabs. I have known her for 13 years and we have a mutual respect for each other, despite our differences. It doesn't always show on television, but I always get her back with a jab of my own. I knew when this show aired, doctors and future doctors would be able to see the commitment that Jackie and I have to our profession and to being role models for all women. My personality is different from Jackie based on our life experiences. I can promise you being raised by a single mother, my mom taught my sister and I the importance of living right, working hard, and never settling for being average. I live my life with passion and this comes out in almost everything that I do.

I can't wait for you to see Dr. Jackie's event next week, so many beautiful emotions in the room. And the planning for Dr. Aydin and Dr. Duncan's birthday party is in full effect and finalizing this guest list is going to be VERY interesting. Stay tuned to see who is invited and who was uninvited.

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