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Waiting on Toya and Mariah's Truth

Dr. Simone is disappointed by the ladies' behavior and thinks this isn't the Mariah she knows.

By Simone Whitmore

The doctor is in and deeply saddened by tonight's events.

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The show started out great with Dr. Jackie performing a surgery on one of her patients. For medical students and residents, this is what you can expect when you start practicing medicine. Surgery is a very exciting part of our job and it is always a blessing when the surgery is a success.

It was fun to go to Life Fit Studio and joke around with Dr. Jackie and her trainer, Alec. I worked out at the studio for a few weeks, but Alec is too tough for me (plus I hate working out!). Dr. Jackie loves to work out, and she is very serious when it comes to her workout. She put me out of the studio, but trust me, I was leaving really soon.

Going to the cigar store was an experience for me. I went with Toya to get a gift for Dr. Aydin and Dr. Duncan. She is a real cigar smoker and was excited about smoking a cigar, choosing a gift, and talking about what was going on with the ladies. As I mentioned to Toya, I believe Quad gets emotional after Mariah talks about what is going on with the ladies. I hate to see Quad upset by others' petty behavior.

Mariah brings Toya's baby a beautiful dedication outfit, but Toya had already chosen his outfit. I think it was a nice gesture on Mariah's part. However, a baby dedication is a very personal event and Toya definitely has the right to choose the outfit for her son to wear. For my son, Miles' dedication, he wore the same outfit Cecil wore at his dedication. For Michael's dedication, we purchased an outfit for him.

I was not pleased hearing Lake and Mariah discuss "beauty shop gossip" regarding something Toya said. I certainly hope Toya would not have misused or abused Mariah's trust by spreading a family secret about Lauren being adopted by Dr. Aydin when Lauren has no idea she’s adopted. Can't wait to hear Toya's side of the story regarding this issue.

Now on to the party!

Kari's party was beautiful, her home was lovely and the decorations were very fitting for the theme. The party included a large number of doctors and doctor's wives but was not very fun or festive. Kari's guests and Mariah's guests were not mingling at all, and it looked to me like two different parties. I tried to bring the guests together to get the party started, but it didn’t last long and people went back to their cliques.

Mariah's guests were beginning to complain about her absence and began talking about leaving the party because she had not arrived. Fortunately, I did enjoy talking to her friends until she arrived. Mariah was two hours late for a party that she was co-hosting. I know the party was not at her house, but I still thought she was being rude. No call, no answer, no show. . .NOTHING for two hours. If you're lost, call us and tell us, so we can be understanding instead of irritated.

I understood exactly where Toya was coming from when she felt attacked by Mama Lucy and tried to stay in a respectful place with her. It definitely seemed as if Mama Lucy arrived with this attitude toward Toya already in check!

However, I think it was absolutely wrong for Toya to address Mariah about Mama Lucy in front of guests and at the party. She should have had the discussion with Mariah at a later time. Mariah was highly upset about the Aydin adoption talk, being late for the party, and now Toya bringing up issues about her mom. All of this combined must have led to the unsightly scene that ensued! THIS IS NOT THE MARIAH I KNOW. I had never seen Mariah raise her voice and when I saw her fighting, I was in shock. I still can not believe an actual fight took place. Pinch me, was I in a nightmare?!

After the fight ended, I helped Toya gather her things because she was alone and followed her to the bathroom to make sure she was not seriously injured. Kari having Mariah escorted out of the party by security was unnecessary and made a clear sign for being on Toya's side without actually witnessing the fight. On this note, the party was over.

These are two intelligent, beautiful wives, mothers and so much more. I'm anxiously waiting to hear each ladies' version of the truth.

Stay tuned for more Married to Medicine and I’ll be right here watching with you!

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