Lisa Nicole: Walking Away Is Easy

Lisa Nicole: Walking Away Is Easy

Lisa Nicole why she took the time to tame her "wild buck" instead of walking away when Darren was cheating on her.

Thank you for tuning in to another week of Married to Medicine.

Another week of "Real Women, Real Issues, and Real Life Drama." This week we add a little twist as we explore the dynamics of married couples. It's hilarious to see the relationships between the ladies and their spouses. Each relationship is uniquely different yet the game of "Love and Marriage" is still so similar and familiar with each couple.

We open with a glimpse of the dynamics between Jackie and Curtis. If I could find one word to describe them, it's balanced. Jackie bounces her ideas and thoughts off of Curtis a lot. Jackie makes mention to Curtis that everyone is going with the exception of Mariah. That's a surprise to Curtis and his comment is "Wow. . .that's going to be a whole different dynamic."  Jackie feels this could really be a turning point for the group.

We catch Mariah practicing for a dance routine. Simone arrives and encourages Mariah to stop by the couples' trip. Mariah is very firm she doesn't feel the need to show up where she is not wanted or invited. In this scene, Mariah shows a sensitive side, which is nice to see. Beneath the hard exterior, Mariah is hurt by the situation with Quad and how the ladies have chosen not to invite her to the couples' trip. Being the lone woman out can be extremely difficult. I think this challenge can be an opportunity for growth. I hope Mariah realizes what part her actions played into the situation that is today. Certainly everything is not her fault, but as women we have to take time to reflect and ask ourselves what could we have done differently to foster better relationships with our sisters. As women we are emotional creatures, however we have to understand the power of collaboration and lifting each other up. No one is better than the other and we should help each other shine, not tear each other down.

Next we catch the doctors packing up to leave for the trip. Dr. Jackie calls out Dr. Heavenly's fake Louis Vuitton bag. I would agree with the fact that the bag is fake, as authentic Louis bags do not have plastic on the handle. Dr. Heavenly, I know you say you are not knowledgeable about fashion but surely you know you are suppose to remove the plastic from a knock-off bag before you carry it in public. #wegoingtoprayforyou #FouisVuittonclub

The other ladies drive in with our spouses. We get to see how each couple interacts. Why do men refuse to use a map or GPS system? Are they genetically wired to get lost every time? Darren makes me crazy because his internal GPS is always wrong. It took us an extra hour to arrive because Darren refused to use the MapQuest directions provided. #DiosMios Greg was also driving Quad crazy on the drive in. His owl comments and questions about having a baby had a look of pure aggravation on Quad's face. Lastly, we catch Toya and Eugene talking about the new home purchase again -- oops I mean new home rental. I don't understand why someone would spend five figures a month in rent, but all I can say is to each his own. Best wishes with your new home.

How crazy was it to see grown adults fighting for the best rooms in the cabin? It was truly the "Hunger Games" as we scattered to claim the best room. Eugene almost ran me over, but I was determined to not get the worst room -- so I had to think fast and the vehicle exiting first was the vehicle I jumped in! I'm glad I was not injured -- but watching it made me think, "What the hell was I thinking!"

The remaining activities of the evening were very enjoyable. The group interaction was nice. The couple conversation was engaging and several controversial topics came up. Cheating seemed to be a reoccurring subject of the day. Greg did his best to justify why some men feel the need to cheat, but no one agreed with his logic. Even my husband found himself getting the side eye from me as he felt the need to let everyone know what a dog he was in his younger, dating years.

Is there a double standard for men and women? If men talk about their indiscretions to their boys, sometimes it seems like they earn respect, however if women talk about cheating multiple times in a relationship they get a scarlet letter on their reputation. They are labeled a "whore." I agree with Quad that cheating is never acceptable, whether dating or married. It's unacceptable however, one can never say what they would do until they are actually in the situation. In my case, I saw Darren's potential and gave him a few chances. He was a wild buck that needed to be tamed back in the day. It was a very difficult experience to overcome because once trust is gone, it takes a lot to get it back however thankfully through counseling, prayer, and work on ourselves we were able to work through the challenge of infidelity. I honestly believe it takes more strength to stay in a relationship where infidelity occurs and work it out than it does to just walk away. In my opinion, walking away is the easy way out. If more people understood how to get through the storms in relationships, I think divorce rates would be a lot lower. Relationships and marriage take work -- a lot of work is an understatement. But as is the case with Darren and I, it can start off very rocky and end up happily ever after if individuals commit to doing the work to make a relationship STRONG!

On a final note, Flashback Friday was a lot of fun. Jackie and Simone definitely reminded me of the Madonna-era fashions. Quad looked like a solid gold dancer. I was of course part of the Rhythm Nation. Heavenly looked a hot damn mess and Toya was just Toya. I didn't see theme to her outfit. Cecil and Darren won the awards for best flashback outfits for the men. It was a great time of couples bonding and relationship building. The drama was low, so maybe the people present were exactly who needed to be there. Stay tuned for next week as the couples experience more Blue Ridge drama. Get ready to have a hysterical laugh.

Until next week. . .
Love & Success,
Lisa Nicole

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