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Dr. Simone on Toya's Insecurities

Dr. Simone discusses Toya's attempts to publicly assassinate her character and Dr. Heavenly's submission.

By Simone Whitmore

Welcome to another season of Married to Medicine and thanks so much for your support, comments, and opinions.

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As you can see, I have been struggling over the last year with my medical practice. Choosing another electronic medical records and billing system was one of the biggest mistakes I've made for my practice!!! I don't like discussing my mistakes with Cecil but he is my husband. What choice do I have?

My good friend, Dr. Jackie, is definitely having what I call "baby blues." She is really wanting a baby and the thought of never having one makes her sad. The truth is she lives a blessed life. . . rich with a loving husband, supportive family and friends, thriving medical practice, 50 Shades of Pink Foundation, active church member, world traveler, and devoted fitness guru!!! Could she really fit a baby into such a busy life and tight schedule? I don't know the answer, but she wants to try.

It is so disappointing to hear Quad and Mariah's relationship has fallen by the wayside. "Two peas in a pod" are no more. I thought they had a great friendship and I'm devastated at the thought they are barely speaking to one another over the "infamous photo shoot."

I would like to say I'm excited to have Dr. Heavenly join our circle of friends but we have started on a very wrong foot. She is too concerned about submission outside of her house. I didn't realize she was the spokesperson for all submissive wives. What difference does it make to her if I am OR am not submissive to my husband? Dr. Heavenly, please find the bible verse about minding your own business.

The disagreement between the doctor and the dentist who is a doctor was none of my business but I wanted my dear friend, the doctor, to know I will always have her back when she is on the right track.


I am totally disgusted that Toya would think my horsing around at the bowling alley was anything other than silliness. I was dancing on Dr. Eugene in a fun and joking manner. Never did I intend to evoke feelings of disrespect or disregard for my friend, Toya. Cecil and I have hung out with Toya and Eugene on numerous occasions and I assumed she knew that I respected her as my friend and love my handsome husband.

Toya's insecurities have blown my silly little gestures completely out of proportion. As a mature and professional woman, I would have preferred a one-on-one conversation with my friend, Toya, about my actions and her interpretations so that we could resolve the matter. Instead, there was an attempt to publicly assassinate my character at Heavenly's party like we were recreating a Shakespeare play on Broadway. If I wanted to star on Broadway, I would be in New York, not Heavenly's house.


As you can see, you're in for a roller coaster ride of friendships and medicine. Stay tuned for more of Married to Medicine!!!

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