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Simone: I Definitely Had the Ugly Cry Tonight

Simone talks about her breakdown with Jackie and gives her thoughts on Jill and Toya's conversation.

Thank you everyone for watching another night of Married to Medicine. We finally had a show where we didn’t have to compete for your attention with the NBA finals.
This show starts out rough for me. I head over to Dr. Jackie’s to vent. I got upset talking about Toya and the next thing I know we are talking about my dad. I definitely had the ugly cry going tonight.

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Simone Has a Breakthrough
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Everyone gets a chance to meet Jill tonight. She gets a ratchet start with the "street smart" comment about Toya. And she has her son go get the bottle of wine. Based on the comments I get about mentioning vodka, I know she is going to getting killed with the comments. Toya calls me a bad mother for cussing in front of my children, but what does she call herself for drinking in front of hers? Hmmmm...

I had to apologize to Cecil after losing my mind in the parking lot at Top Golf. I know he had the best intentions for a reconciliation with Toya, but he knows that once her true colors shined through, it just wasn't worth the effort I was giving to it. He is right, I have got to stop popping off, especially on him.

The Hers magazine event was my first attempt at being cordial toward Toya. She had a funny line about telling the manager I was going to be loud, and they had plenty of vodka. Toya definitely spilled the beans on Lisa for holding the background check over Quad with the “there is, there is something in your background check.” I am still not clear on the background checks, but I'm clear as to why Quad has to level the playing field with Lisa. And based on Lisa’s comments that background checks are legitimate, there should not be a problem. Dr. Heavenly's speech sounded like she had won an Oscar. LOL, wondering why she is so delusional?

Quad and I had a good time shopping at the organic market. I only bought one thing, but Quad bought out the market. Quad shared with me that Lisa was spreading lies about her business, and she is not a happy camper. Wonder what she has in store for Lisa?

The preview for next week has me totally shocked and in disbelief. I was not there, but to see Lisa throw a whole glass of water in Quad’s face was like watching someone get smacked. I can’t wait to see what happened after the water was thrown. I can’t even imagine being put in such a situation.

Tune in next week with me, so we can figure out what in the heck is going on.
Follow me on twitter @DrSSWhitmore and Instagram DrSSWhit.

Have a great week!
God Bless,
Dr. Simone

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