Simone: Stick a Fork in Me Because I am Done

Simone: Stick a Fork in Me Because I am Done

Simone reveals the desire she had to mend her relationship with Toya and why they couldn't take the next step.

Thank you to all of the Married to Medicine fans for tuning into our lives. The end of last week didn't turn out great with the blow up at Toya's Halloween party. I am hoping this week will be better for me and I can make it through without blowing up on Toya.

North Perimeter OB/GYN is doing well this year with plenty of patients and a great cash flow. I can't believe some of the crazy things I hear from my patients who are trying to conceive. Keeping a straight face while conducting an exam is not always easy. I hope my new patient with all of her exotic positions can get pregnant. 

As I told you last week, Jackie is on a mission with Fit is the New It. I prefer to call it, what is this sh@t? All I could do was laugh and play along when they showed up at my house with the invitation while I was relaxing and eating a candy bar. I keep it real and don't fake the funk, I don't like working out. However, for my girl, Dr. Jackie and her partner in crime Alec, I am going to try and work with them on this Fit is the New It.

Cut to the background check saga, it is obvious that Quad was dead serious when she talked about getting a background check on Lisa last week. Quad was hilarious meeting in the diner with her “Get Smart” lines with the investigator. As you can tell from the conversation, Lisa has started a war and I hope she is ready for battle. LOL. Quad is like a little sister and I support her getting this background check, especially with Lisa trying to hold it over her head. However, Quad went much further than I would have suggested by including Darren. But like they say, all is fair in love and war.

Cecil and Dr. Eugene will not let "sleeping dogs lie" with trying to get me and Toya back together again. I don't understand their actions, but I am willing to listen. Cecil and I have been married long enough for him to know when something is not working. I went to Top Golf hopeful that Toya and I could mend a broken relationship but it was clear as glass, Toya wasn't interested at all. She couldn't say anything nice about me and to add insult to injury, she couldn't admit any wrongdoing leading up to this point. And on that note, it was time for me to exit stage left. Cecil usually does well as a mediator and I get it, but he should see it is not going to work with Toya. I am not happy that I had to snap on Cecil, but he was pushing my buttons by trying to force a friendship that is clearly over. STICK A FORK IN ME BECAUSE I AM DONE. (I have got to figure a way to hide my buttons!)

Simone and Toya Try to Talk Out Their Issues
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Thanks for watching the show at our new time of 8PM on Sundays. I really appreciate all of the great fans. Please follow me on Twitter @DrSSWhitmore and Instagram DrSSWhit. I will try to keep you updated between delivering these beautiful babies.

Have a great week and God Bless,

Dr. Simone


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