5 Shady One-Liners From The Married To Medicine Reunion That Leave A Sting

5 Shady One-Liners From The Married To Medicine Reunion That Leave A Sting

The ladies are giving each other a taste of their own medicine. 

On The Married to Medicine Season 4 Reunion...
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After what might be dubbed as the sassiest season yet of Married To Medicineit looks like more tea will be spilled and friendships will be tested during the reunion. Feuds between the cast, from Heavenly and Lisa Nicole toMariah and Quad, really blow up more than ever. Marriages are brought up and challenged by the other ladies, and things get heated. In Married To Medicine fashion, shade is thrown left and right, and some of them definitely leave a mark. Check out 5 of the shadiest lines from the reunion tease below.

1. Dr. Heavenly: She's witch-like.

Dr. Heavenly really snuck in a hard-hitting line when addressing someone of "mixing truth and lies." While we have a feeling this might be directed at Lisa Nicole Cloud, we can't wait to find out for sure. 

2. Simone: You yourself said you've been faithful for 5! Give me a f***ing break!

Lisa Nicole's marriage has been a big topic of conversation this season, especially when it comes to Darren's fidelity in their marriage. After defending himself and insisting he's been faithful, Darren gets called out by Simone using his own words...Ouch. 

3. Mariah: *Eye roll*

The ladies welcomed back Mariah this season, but it hasn't exactly been a walk through the park. When confronted by Andy Cohen about whether or not she considers any of the ladies her friends, her eyes say it all.

4. Quad: I don't have nothing for you.

Quad has had enough of Mariah, and it's not hard to tell. She finishes up this one-liner with a very satisfied, classic Quad face, and it is absolutely gold.

5. Mariah: You are the messiest bitch on this stage.



With a quick rebuttal, Mariah really spoke her mind to Quad. Everything got personal really quickly.

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