Egos Unmask!

Egos Unmask!

Katrina tells all about her search for love and shares her beauty secrets!

INTENSE. EXHILARATING. REVEALING. The plot intensifies, depicting a clear correlation to my previous blog. Miami is something more than a congeries of individuals and social conveniences…Miami is somewhat of a state of mind, a body of ethnicity and traditions. Miami is spontaneous attitudes and genuine sentiments. Miami Social unmasks the artificial layers we wear as survivors in a merely physical mechanism.

Love is one of the most powerful energies of the planet and a vital process of the people that compose it. It is a product of nature, particularly of human nature. It is quite simple as love is innate yet some of us put so much focus on finding love and approval in the larger realm that we never develop it within ourselves.

In this episode we saw the many vulnerabilities people share and look for love in the external world, whether from our parents, partners, friends, new people we meet or those we admire. As humans, we are easily disappointed thus allowing devastation to take over. As the heat in the city intensifies we have a tendency to retrieve to our urban canopy characteristics. I have grown to care for all cast members as we share that common fiber that ties us all - the search for love. I am a firm believer that we can enjoy success and love without losing our soul.

On another note, in an attempt to answer all the questions I am approached with, I will address them as blanket statements. First and foremost, I am grateful for the overwhelming support and would like to remind you that I am no different than any of you out there.

My bracelets have been a hot topic of conversation. As previously mentioned, my bracelets are either made for me or I make them myself. I love crystals and stones as they provide you with a subtle energy. Aside from their unique beauty, certain stones act as healing stones, vibrating in a way that resonates with and strengthens particular energies inside each individual - These are the energies of the inner self, the energies that make up the attitudes and human qualities of a person. They act as proportional harmonies in nature, art and life. I am in the process of kicking off a jewelry line inclusive of these simple elements as I would like to share the benefits I enjoy with all those who have admired my bracelets AT A VERY REASONABLE PRICE! I want everyone to be able to enjoy their energy, they mean a great deal to me! For ongoing information, visit my website at or follow me on twitter-----

In response to the comments about my hair and makeup. Again, anyone can dominate the art of makeup provided that you have a good instructor. My mentor and friend when it comes to makeup is Megan Hill. She is fabulous, “REAL," beautiful and humble above all. Here is a link to a segment that I just filmed with Megan as she teaches us the basics of the art. This is just one look- the “Kat Kat Eye." This is one of the looks I wore on Miami Social. We will make sure to film more segments providing many more details for you all! While Megan did my makeup I did my own makeup for much of the filming while utilizing the tools I have learned from Megan as well as my experience on television throughout the years from NBC, ESPN, CNBC, Fox News, E! Network etc….and you can do it just as easily as I do!!!!!!!!

My hair is something I was blessed with. I was always told by hair dressers that my hair was great yet at one point in my life, while on a photo shoot; my hair was damaged and burned. It took a while for me to get it to grow back which is why at this point in my life, I only allow one person to highlight my hair – she is a well known hair color specialist in Coral Gables. Her name is Ada and the name of her place is Giralda's Hair Studio 176 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134. I recommend her without hesitation. Not only is she a master at her vocation but her energy is beyond amazing! She came into my life for a reason!

This wraps up my blog, I leave you with a great quote and wishing you a greater week! Hugs from the bottom of my soul!!!!!!!!!!!

We are trained to fear, resist, and fixate upon external enemies and to see ourselves as our most faithful and loyal friend. This is an inversion—most people never experience an external enemy that even begins to match the power of the opponent within. Although you may not know it, one of the greatest blessings that you can experience is a single moment of your life in which you are not your own worst enemy. -Paul Richards

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