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Million Dollar Decorators

Los Angeles’s most exclusive and sought-after interior designers -- Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Kathryn Ireland, Jeffrey Alan Marks, and Mary McDonald are back. The designers take on A-List celebrity clientele and a few encounter some very familiar faces that turn out to be their most difficult clients to date.
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Million Dollar Decorators

An 'I Love Mary' Episode

Mary is happy you didn't see all of her embarassing remodeling antics, plus she reveals her age.

Mary McDonald on Jewels

Mary knows that the focus of this episode was her extensive jewelry collection.

Jeffrey Looks Back on Season Two

Jeffrey reflects on projects with Ross, upcoming design jobs in Los Angeles, a new book, and an engagement (!).

Martyn Wraps Up the Season

Martyn relfects on India, NYC penthouses, stars, pubs, mansions, and this season's delightful drama.

Martyn on the Perfect Pub

Martyn reflects on his sister becoming a "publican" and lets you know what the thinks a perfect pub should feel like.

Outfits Make the Episode

Mary discusses how great she looked in this episode and the Greystone show house.