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Live, Love, and Decorate

Martyn discusses his day and thanks all the people that made the show a success

By Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Our season finale is full of the kind of high drama only Million Dollar Decorators can offer up!

Dearest Kathryn, sadly, seems to get fired by her client Shannon Factor, although if you have watched the whole thing play out you will know that actually this parting of the ways is a mutual agreement. Shannon proves to be a handful and really wants to control her own design job, while Kathryn, always the professional, marches on doing her best to keep her client happy -- when really it becomes soul destroying. As a creative person you need some free reign to create the beauty you imagine for your client. Shannon doesn't let that happen and keeps a tight grip on all. So really the outcome is a happy one for Kathryn. She gets to move on and use her ample creative talents elsewhere and create a beautiful home for more appreciative clients.

Jeffrey finally reaches breaking point. The Hungry Cat restaurant he has been working on throughout the series is almost finished, but he comes to blows with the rather butch-looking female contractor who looks like she could punch him out at any moment! The boys are whipped into a frenzy to get the place open on time despite extreme difficulties with the contractor, the un-sealed floors, and a tight budget that has long run out. They eventually take the bull by the horns and finish the job themselves -- even carrying in the furnishings and hanging the art. The reveal to their client is much appreciated, and I'm sure a huge relief to the boys that he likes what he sees, and they get to happily go relax and recover!

After last episode’s success for Nathan with his Elite Leather line at Bloomingdale's (where I just visited his gorgeous window at the Lexington store in NYC this week) we see him assisting the marvelous Mary in her design scheme for the entry tent of the L.A. Art and Antiques Show. Every year a designer is chosen to create the entry tent, which leads you into the prestigious show. It's a great honor, and I myself actually did it last year.

Mary, in her uber-stylish way, decides to mix interior design, antiques, and fashion together and creates a splendid striped room that incorporates all these elements to maximum effect. She does however encounter nerve-wrecking dramas when all the measurements are wrong and her faithful assistant is reduced to tears in an effort to correct the paint work and off-scale designs with only a few hours left to pull it off.

All comes out in wash however and both the tent and the antique show are a big stylish success. . .

That just leaves me, and what an episode this is for me. I have the unbelievable honor of having a day named after me. Yes, as mad as it sounds, the mayor of West Hollywood declares it my official “Martyn Lawrence Bullard” day. . .an amazing honor! But that's not all, I also am declared the International Interior Designer of the Year and have an enormous red carpet, celebrity-packed, award ceremony and gala to celebrate. My dear friends Sharon and Kelly Osbourne presented the award and over 700 people turned out to celebrate with me! I truly don't believe I will ever have another day quite like this one. It was a once in a lifetime experience and all caught on camera for you!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my incredible clients and friends who have been a part of this amazing journey. From Sharon Osbourne, who allowed us to film the first the emergency decorating of her apartment, to Tamara Mellon who interrupted her crazy schedule designing fashions for the world to share her work with me also. Sir Elton John and David Furnish who have been amazing supporters and dear friends through out this journey. Cheryl Tiegs, who is not only my first client but has remained my Number 1 fan and closest of friends. Daisy Fuentes whose soul is as beautiful inside as she is outside. (And to David Eastman, the amazingly talented photographer who so kindly allowed me to use his Cuban image for Daisy's living room, I thank you so much). Paul McKenna for his spectacular hypnotic skills. . .I am still off chocolate, which has lead to my losing 35 pounds since working with him. The One Kings Lane girls who let me run wild with their credit cards in the London antique markets. (Happily, we had the most successful sale which sold out in less than 30 minutes of going live!) And of course we can't forget Joe Francis and all his loyal Mexican staff in Punta Mita who were a delight to work with, and I believe now he has a house that runs like clockwork and everyone is very happy.

All of my clients who are not on the show -- some of you were mentioned, some of you were not -- but I truly thank you all for your patience, patronage, and for allowing me to help you achieve your decorative dreams.

My staff who were so loyal and trusting while the cameras rolled. They just kept on working through all the madness and helped me produce all the beautiful work you have seen -- and much more you didn't get to see.

Michael Green you have been the rock that anchored me throughout this and allowed me the space and creative energy I needed to pull this off. You are an incredible person.

My marvelous, talented, gorgeous cast mates, Kathryn Ireland, Mary McDonald, Nathan Turner, and Jeffrey Allan Marks. . .what a delicious group to be a part of! I am truly honored. And, of course, all the people behind-the-scenes. . .the producers and production team, the camera and sound crews, the PRs and the Bravo executives that believed in us. Thank you everyone for such an amazing journey and especially thank you to all the fans who have supported us, been incredibly kind to me, sent beautiful emails, Tweets, letters, gifts, and just generally been spectacularly loving and complimentary. With my heart I thank you for watching our show and look forward to possibly bringing you Season 2 or some other fabulous design show to keep all our creative juices flowing very soon.

To you all I say follow your heart, follow your dreams, and always “Live, Love, and Decorate”!

XO Martyn

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