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Co-Listing Is Not Ryan's Style

Ryan is glad Derek threw Fredrik's phone in the water because it stopped him from ruining their wedding weekend.

By Ryan Serhant

Hey sexy, did you miss me?

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Welcome back to the real deal where reality reigns supreme. This second to last episode of Million Dollar Listing New York reflects the many truths of life and the always frantic business of NYC real estate. When people always ask me: "How do you do it?" -- I say hard work, determination, yada yada yada. . .

But what it really takes is a rare kind of conviction and will power. It takes inner courage to get knocked down and pick yourself up, time and time again. Even more important, you must be willing to accept mistakes, take responsibility, and move on. I love what I do and how I do it. I may not sleep long hours or rest much, but I'm at peace with myself when I do.

My time with Jill taught me a very important lesson; that communication is fundamental to any partnership. I have a special set of skills and many methods to my madness, so I appreciated her patience and diligence while working with me. I have a lot of respect for Jill, and I am confident that we will both move on from this experience having learned a lot, and with much success in our futures.

The biggest takeaway from this is the importance of communication, especially amongst co-workers. I lead an amazing team of agents, and they are great because they understand me and what it means to work for me. I make my expectations abundantly clear, and if you want to work with me, these expectations must be met. This is everything to me: my time, my life, and everything I've built over the last five years.

Business aside, I want to wish Fredrik and Derek congratulations on their nuptials. For half a million dollars, Fredrik convinced little Bambi to show up on the beach and watch the ceremony (Did you see it?).

Fredrik Walks Down the Aisle

Thank God Derek tossed Fredrik's phone in the water, because what I had to say to him at the time would have ruined the romantic mood of the weekend. I was furious to learn what Fredrik pulled on my client Jeff and I -- limiting our options under false pretenses. I got a mouthful from Jeff when he found out we were bamboozled, but I think Fredrik pays the higher price with an even more tarnished business reputation.

Luis gears up for a possible deal at Charles Street. Let's see if he pulls it off. Baby steps for the young one, but at least he's learning to keep it practical. That fake wine was a nice touch, and a much better idea than the fog machine! Some brokers grow up so fast. . .

Well folks, I'll miss you as always. Next week is the season finale of Season 2, can you believe it!?! If you want the whole gang back next season you should call Andy Cohen and tell him Fredrik told you to call. You should also consider e-mailing, tweeting and stalking him (in a friendly manner). The power is yours (Yes, I stole that line from Captain Planet and the Planeteers)! I'll talk to you soon, but in the meantime, if it means something to you: GO GET IT. This is Ryan Serhant signing off and wishing you nothing but peace and prosperity.

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