Luis D. Ortiz: I Am Aware That There Are Always Two Versions of Any Story

Luis D. Ortiz: I Am Aware That There Are Always Two Versions of Any Story

Luis D. Ortiz opens up about co-listing with Ryan Serhant...

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First of all let me say that it feels great to be back! Another season, another year, more things to learn, more things to share and more things to remember.

For the record, I did not fire my team. A couple members chose to leave on their own because they wanted to build their own business and I’m happy for them.

Mark my words, this season is going to be the best one this franchise has ever produced for many reasons that I cannot disclose right off the bat.

Just FYI, Ronita is getting married! I don’t like it because now that’s all she talks about, instead of negotiating my deals she is negotiating her venue and her dress. I’m kidding...I’m so happy for her.

Last episode I secured a listing in the Metropolitan Tower, one of the most luxurious buildings from the 80s. Everybody from Martin Scorsese to Frank Sinatra, JLO/Marc Anthony, and P Diddy have lived there. There is this saying that business shouldn’t be mixed with friends. I don’t necessarily agree with that and I think that as long as you do things the right way those two (friendship and business) should not jeopardize each other. I have always wanted to do business with Soly for many years, he is a dear friend of mine who I have known for almost a decade. I wanted for him to see my individual success as a friend and for him to want to reach out to do business with me. Finally the time has come. As you saw, Soly and his partners required for the listing to be represented by two separate firms and that was none negotiable whether I thought it was the right marketing approach or not. I chose Ryan Serhant because besides our personal issues in the past, I have seen his dedication, persistency and commitment to his business. That to me, is very important when it came to finding the right person to partner up with.

Now, this is when everything went wrong in my eyes. When I chose the partner I wanted to work with I had to convince the sellers as to why my decision was the right one. I had to come up with a pretty compelling and eloquent case as to why Ryan Serhant was the guy that was going to help enhance the possibilities of getting a better result. And I succeeded in this (in selling Ryan to the sellers). About two weeks after we made that partnership official, I found out that Ryan has recently signed an exclusive agreement to sell a development that is owned by Soly. This is the same seller I had to convince to approve Ryan to be my partner on the Metropolitan Tower.

I am aware that there are always two versions of any story. In this case I am going to lay mine out. I brought Ryan to partner up with me on a project that is represented by Soly who did not approach him for Met Tower originally. Then Soly approached Ryan about representing him in something else without my knowledge. The only thing I expected from Ryan was to tell me that he was contacted by someone I introduced him to. It’s not about whether I got the business or not, I don’t expect to be hired for every project that there is, it’s about the principal of telling me that he was about to go into business with someone I sold him to.

Now later I found out that he was speaking to Soly before I asked him to come to Met Tower, yet that doesn’t change anything. Even though I didn’t introduce them, the fact that we are partnering up to represent Soly, he should have had the courtesy to be upfront about it in order to keep the credibility and the trust that is needed in this business relationship. In life, you have to be straight. If he would have told me he was approached by the sellers to represent them on a project that they didn’t want me to be a part of I would have been disappointed at the situation but not upset at Ryan personally. I would have respected his honesty. He is not at fault for being hired by them, it’s not what you do it’s how you do it.

All of that aside, I made a commitment to Soly and his partners to sell this property so it’s my responsibility to put every emotion out the door and focus on delivering the results they hired me to execute on. And I expect Ryan to do the same.

At the end of the day I always think that no one on the face of this planet wakes up in the morning wanting to be ill intentioned. When someone does something bad it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad person, they probably had a reason behind it. At the bar I felt like I saw a glimpse of the real Ryan that led me to believe that he really didn’t have any bad intentions. But I do think he missed out a crucial ethical element that could have saved us from getting to this place. We worked hard together as a team including bringing a solid cash offer to the table. In the end, the seller was not happy with our performance, which in this situation I completely disagree with, and we got fired. Instead of accepting this loss as the team we are, he walked out and stated he wished he was never part of this collaboration to begin with. This shows me that sometimes being good at something doesn’t necessarily make you the right fit for the job. So when it comes to Ryan, at this point I have nothing more to say.

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