Courtney talks about what drives her and her friends.

After watching tonight, you can tell that we are all driven in life by the things we love the most: our relationships, our families, our passions. Watching this episode put me on the edge of my seat, because it’s just the beginning of some really powerful relationships that will continue to evolve over the rest of the season. Our passions inspire us to make certain decisions, to cultivate certain relationships, and to say certain things.

It’s no secret that Tara’s No. 1 love is her charity, Paws in the City. Whether she is sitting on a patio having lunch with me and recapping her infamous “Asparagus Pee” date from hell, or throwing a HUGE fundraiser, she oozes her love for animals. But next to Paws in the City comes Tara’s No. 2 love: being in love. And well, she’s done it again. Tara has another boyfriend. Although I am excited because she’s excited, I wish she would have spent more time being single and taking care of herself. I feel that Mr. Asparagus Pee just drove her right into the arms of Jody. He seems to genuinely care for her, but I have to be honest -- there is something that I am unsure of when it comes to him, and I’m not quite sold on Team Jody yet. Tara is no stranger to love, and she wears her heart on her sleeve, but I hope Jody doesn’t take advantage of all the love she has to give. In the meantime though, I hope her copious amounts of love can convince him to ditch the soul patch!

When most people encounter Matt, they don’t initially get to experience the side of him that I see. That side is soft spoken, family centered, and humble. Because he leads with his confidence, he is usually mistaken for being cocky. But getting to see Matt with his family always reminds me that they are his true passion, and they fuel his priorities and his love for life. Family is the most important thing to him, so to be included in that quality time always makes me feel so special. The relationship his parents, George and Cinda, have is unlike anything I have ever seen. They remind me that a marriage can last forever and that the foundation for a strong love is to be the best of friends first.

Can you guess what the love of my life is?! FASHION! Fashion is what forces me to crawl out of bed every morning. I live for the moment of swinging open my closet doors and deciding what look I want to wear. I make no apologies for my love of fashion, because those who know me well know that it’s what makes me the person I am and that it affects every aspect of my life…so much so that I even studied it in college and have made a successful career working in the retail industry. To me, this passion is much like a hobby…some people go golfing, some people collect art, some people buy season tickets for their favorite sport team, and some people have to have the latest electronics. And keeping up with my hobby has me very busy: I am always looking through the latest magazines and blogs gaining inspiration, updating my own blog (, following celebrities to see what they are wearing, watching fashion shows online, sorting through my closet seeing how I can re-mix and match new looks each season, and of course, shopping! So can you imagine my enthusiasm when I found out that our Drew was chosen to be on DIFFA’s Style Council! This is one the BIGGEST events that Dallas sees all year, not only from a fashion perspective, but also in regards to charity and community work…and this is a HUGE honor for Drew!

Drew has always come across to me as a person who hides a lot of his emotions. Watching this episode though allowed me to see a new sensitive side of him. I know that his relationship with his ex, Cody, is an emotional one. And although I am usually not a big supporter of crossing into “ex territory,” I can see that Cody brings out a side of Drew that is really kind and sweet. Cody appears to have this way of calming Drew and allowing him to be fun and goofy, and most importantly himself. I admire Drew for the strides he has taken in his life regarding his sexuality, his sobriety, and all the work he has done with Legacy, a heath care center that is dedicated to HIV/AIDS testing, education, treatment, and social services. Getting to celebrate Drew at DIFFA was such a treat for our group of friends, and it made us all so proud that we were able to attend and support him. The night was incredible…and not only was I happy to see Drew shine in his special moment, but I was personally excited to see one of my dearest friends, Daylon, walk the catwalk in the fashion show! Going into a night like this that is filled with FASHION + CHARITY + FRIENDS, I was thinking, “Nothing could possibly ruin this evening!” Well, so I thought…

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