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11 Gorgeous Rugs That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are

A rug can change the entire feel of a room.

By Angela Law

There are rugs that sell for $10 at the dollar store. And, there are rugs that sell for $34 million at Sotheby’s. What do they have in common? Neither will ever find a place in my home.

The dollar-store finds are surprisingly decent looking. But, they feel cheap and ... flammable.

The Sotheby’s rug ... well, there’s probably nothing wrong with the Sotheby’s rug. It’s just that my castle is currently being renovated and I haven’t quite figured out what the vibe is going to be just yet.

So, for now, I will settle on area rugs that fall somewhere in between. And, I recommend that you do the same.

It’s easy to squawk at the price of rugs. But, it’s also important to understand that the materials, dyes, and method of production are what determine its price. Generally speaking, a natural-fiber, naturally-dyed, hand-loomed rug is going to cost you the prettiest penny. But, it will also last you the longest. It’s tempting to just buy the cheapest rug, but that is not smart for several reasons. 1) People can always tell a cheap rug. 2) Cheap rugs never stop shedding. 3) You will have to replace the cheap rug in a few years whereas a nice rug can last you decades.

Try to think of rugs as more than just floor coverings. They can change the entire feel of a room. They can be potential heirloom items that retain much of their value if cared for properly. They can inspire the names of your children (just ask Mariah Carey about why she named her kid Moroccan). They are worth the splurge!

So, OK. Maybe no Sotheby’s rug today. But these well-made finds are just as chic — without breaking the bank.

Geometric Bands Rug

The Memphis Group is having a real comeback moment and this rug seems to be born of the same inspirations. The Land of Nod technically sells children’s furniture but we think your living room deserves to have some fun too. This rug is 8’x10’, handwoven, and made of 100 percent cotton.

Persian Style Print Jute Soha Area Rug

We love the antiqued yet modern look on this rug. It measures 5’x8’, was stonewashed by hand, and is made of jute and cotton.

Rosalita Rug

Snag this up! You can’t usually find something this unique for under $300. Playful yet elegant, this rug is 4’x6’ (more sizes available) and made from a wool/viscose/cotton blend.

Baxter Wool Rug

Looking for something more subtle? The rich jewel tones and heather effect on this line of rugs give them a certain je ne sais quoi. There’s just something really mysterious and sexy about these. And yes, we know we’re talking about rugs. This one measures in at 5’x8’ (more sizes available) and is made of 100 percent New Zealand wool.

Souk Rug

Here is a fabulous price for a good-quality rendition of a rug that usually costs at least six times the price. It is 6 feet in diameter and handmade by artisans in a fair-trade facility using 100 percent wool.

Gradient Grey Rug

This Incan-inspired area rug is perfect for the thoroughly modern home. It’s also a great price for a 5’x8’ (more sizes available), handwoven, wool and cotton blend rug.

Sierra Rug

Sit down. Be humble. This rug was inspired by the colors of the Oaxacan dessert, and took a whole week to make using ancient Zapotec patterns. At only 2’x3’, it packs in a lot of vibe and is handwoven by the Women of Oaxaca using 100 percent wool.

Herringbone Blue Rug

Add some fun to your room without overwhelming it. This understated piece is almost as flexible as a solid-color rug but way more interesting. It measures in at 4’x6’ (more sizes available) and is made of 100 percent handwoven cotton.

Kamala Rug

If you hate red wine and are the cleanest person in the world, this rug is perfect for you. This 3’x5’ rug (more sizes are available) is all about texture and made of 100 percent hand-knotted wool.


I had a rug from Home Depot that lasted me 6 years in a high-traffic area — with 3 roommates! It wasn’t as pretty as this one, but it was really easy to sweep so we didn’t really have to vacuum it. This particularly schnazzy piece comes in at 4’x6’ and is hand-tufted in India using 100 percent wool.

Mongolian Sheepskin

We’re going to go ahead and throw this in here because everyone secretly is at least a little bit curious about a sheepskin rug. Oh, just admit it! This is a 2’x3’ piece of genuine Mongolian lambskin.

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