10 Decorative Wall Hooks That Are Almost Too Pretty to Hang Things

10 Decorative Wall Hooks That Are Almost Too Pretty to Hang Things

The right wall hooks are not just functional hardware but conversation pieces all to themselves.

By Angela Law

You wouldn’t just hang up any old poster on your walls, right? Then why would you just throw up any old hooks?

Wall hooks should add to your décor. They are more than just things you hang things on. They are design accessories!

When trying to choose the right ones for your home, take a look around. What does your room need? Perhaps you could use a pop of color? Maybe your room is screaming for something that will really hammer home that modern aesthetic you are going for? The right decorative hooks can do all that plus add practicality to your wall. We think that’s what they consider a win-win?

Here are some great options that we’re totally hooked on (sorry, had to).


Eric Trine Bent Hooks



Simple and sturdy, these make for a great option if you are looking to hang coats or heavier items. You can choose from an array of gorgeous colors but we also kind of dig the idea of getting one in each hue.


Beslagsboden Hook Rack



It’s like a minimalist skyline on your wall! This rack is perfect for any room that needs a little fun.


Madison Hook Rack



Put this romantic coat rack by your entrance and it’ll set the mood for whoever enters your antique abode.


Stack Hook



Seriously, who can even tell that these are hooks unless there is something hanging on them.


Cubist Ash Wall Hooks




We love that the vibrant colors do not mask the natural wood grain patterns. The result is a vibe that is at once natural and pop!


Brass Round Wall Hooks


These simple pegs make an elegant statement that can be complementary to any modern décor.


Umbra Sticks 5-Hook Wall Hook




When not in use, with the hooks hidden away, this rack actually just looks like a masterpiece you spent a lot of money on.


Barker Coat Rack



CB2 literally turned everything we knew about coat racks sideways! This unit is perfect for small spaces.


Afteroom Coat Hanger


Nothing says “I only shop at fancy designer furniture stores” like this guy.


Face Wall Hangers


There’s something so effortlessly elegant and cool about the off-circular design here. It’s artsy without being too funky.

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