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12 Fancy Dog Beds That'll Actually Add to Your Home Decor

We had no idea that pooch pads had gotten so next level. Do any of these come in human-size?

By Angela Law

Dog beds have always grossed me out. The way they pill over and get all matted down? I mean, I get that they are hard to keep prestine but they just always look so spectacularly nasty. Also, why do they have to be so poorly designed to begin with? On top of being a shapeless mess, they are the worst colors — some shade of navy, maroon, or forest green that would never match any home decor unless you lived in a horror-movie cabin.

Since even my pet-owning friends with the most discerning tastes would just have one of these slobber sacks lying around the house, I assumed that there wasn't really an option. That this was the only way it could be because these nasty beds were somehow the only things that made dogs happy. That if there were better designed dog beds, my friends would surely own them. But it turns out that wasn't the case at all! There are plenty of swanky dog beds out there. They just didn't want to do the digging!

I don't know if you've seen the most current styles, but there is literally a dog bed to match every and any home aesthetic. Is your house mid-century modern? Not a problem! Do you live more like a Real Housewife? There are options for you too. The possibilities are endless!

Here are the luxury dog beds that really just blew me away.

Christopher Knight Home Doran Mid-century Acacia Wood Rectangle Dog Bed

I guarantee that if your dog were not in his bed, a new guest to your home would try to sit in it thinking that it was a high-end, designer reading chair or something. 

Enchanted Home Pet Library Sofa Dog Bed

This couch is perfect for when your dog has to do double duty as your shrink. Don't worry, it's not real leather so it's super easy to wipe off.

Pendleton Glacier National Park Dog Bed

And ... one for the hipster dog.

HomePop Dog Bed Mini Love Seat

Seriously, how chic and classy is this? A love seat for your beloved furry friend.

Constantine Quicksilver Dog Sofa

Here's a more flashy version for the dog with slightly more flair. 


Trimaran Stripe Denim/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Wouf


If your dog really does prefer a pillow on the floor, I have two rules. Make sure the pillow: a) comes in a cute pattern and b) can easily be spot cleaned and hosed off. This striped beauty satisfies both criteria.

Bear Hug Mod Fur Dog Bed by Animals Matter

It looks like a simple, gorgeous faux-fur rug, but it actually contains memory-spring polyfiberfill for extra support.


Horizon Dog & Cat Teepee Tent By P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You


If you have the room for it, you should definitely go ahead and give your pet a room of her/his own. The poles are made of pine and the pillow inside is reemovable for easy cleaning. 

Moderno Pet Sofa

Oh hey, what's up? Just here chilling on my luxury dog couch. Want to come over to Netflix and chew on a dog toy?


Acrylic Round Dog Bed


To infinity and beyond, buddy!

DENY Designs Stephanie Corfee Botanical Ball Pet Bed


Here is a pillow option that doesn't look like it's a Snuggie's cousin.

K&H Pet Products Round Comfy Sleeper Pet Bed

Now you and your dog to have matching (fake) Louis Vuitton!

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