Here's How to REALLY Get Your Sleep This Holiday Season

Here's How to REALLY Get Your Sleep This Holiday Season

Because after all that speed-shopping, you need some R&R.

By Jenny Berg

The holidays are just  around the corner, and you're sprinting to the finish line. That first sip of spiked egg nog on Christmas afternoon (okay, morning) will be divine — but until then, you have work to do. And between the shopping, decorating, baking, cooking, and listening to your sister vent about her in-laws, it's hard to stop your head from spinning when you finally crawl between the sheets. 

For nights when the chamomile tea just doesn't cut it, here's what you need to buy. These calming products will do their part to help you get a restful night's sleep. And, each of them make a great gift, as well. After all, everyone has "sweet dreams" on his or her wish list. 


This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray



This spray has an ultra-soothing aroma that combines lavender, vetivert, and wild-chamomile essential oils. Spritz it on your pilllow, lay your head down, and dream of lavender fields far, far away from the long post-office lines ... 


Florapy Sweet Dreams Sheet Mask



Along with lavender essential oils, this hydrating mask has yarrow flower essences to reduce anxiety. Pop one on while you watch Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, and you'll be ready to drift off in no time. Or, at the very least, your skin will be glowing. 


Slip Silk Pillowcase


This silky pillowcase isn't only deliciously soft. It will protect your skin from creases, and your hair from bed head. So you can rest easy, knowing that you'll wake up looking like Beyoncé. Or, you know, close


Kora Organics Calming Lavender Mist


Made with noni extract and essential oils, this dreamy mist was created to reduce tension and anxiety; it also helps promote restful sleep. By the way, want to know more about noni extract? Just ask Miranda Kerr to fill you in on its many benefits.  


Australia Travel Set


Headed home for the holidays? Catch some shut-eye on the flight with a cozy blanket and a matching eye mask. 


Sleeping Muffy Monogrammed Sleep Mask


A finicky sleeper can never have too many sleep masks. This one can be customized with initials, and it has cute sleepy zebras on it to give you a pre-bedtime smile. 


Moon Beam Sleep Aid


The sleep aid gently pulses lights onto the ceiling. To help slow down your breathing and prepare for sleep, breathe in when the light's halo grows, and breathe out when the halo shrinks. As you drift off to sleep, the light will turn off by itself. 


J. Crew Vintage Pajamas


A cozy pair of PJs makes bedtime all the more enticing. These are not only cute; they're also soft. 

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