Simply Gorgeous Single Bud Vases

Simply Gorgeous Single Bud Vases

Because bouquets are so traditional. So boring. So expensive! 

By Angela Law

You know that theory "less is more?" That is a popular trend in floral design these days. Think about it. Do you really need all the flowers? If they are nice flowers, wouldn’t one (or a few) suffice? Sometimes the mere idea of fresh flowers is enough to cheer up a room. A bouquet almost seems excessive.

Some flowers also don't need filler. Whereas a bouquet of carnations might need smaller blooms to dress it up, something like a peony would completely trump anything that tried to share a vase with it. Gorgeous blooms need room to show off. Similarly, wildflowers seem more unique (and less like weeds) when there are just a few of them.

So, the next time you go flower shopping, skip anything that has extra foliage or baby's breath (lol – so 90s). Instead, look for the bloom that moves you most. Bring it home and put it in one of these absolutely fabulous single stem vases. (What? You weren't just going to stick it in a water bottle, were you?) You'll be amazed at how something so simple can bring so much joy.


Redding Nesting Table Vases


Would you spread these around the house or would you keep them in a cluster? We think both ideas would be great!


Mikasa Lagoon Cylinder Ceramic Vase


Who knew Mikasa made anything but fancy dinnerware? The iridescent qualities in this bud vase make it a great vessel for a flower of any color.


Mini Consilium Vase


The porcelain and brass create an interesting aesthetic that is soft and pretty, but also modern and sleek.


House Bud Vase


Target suggests that you put this stoneware vase in an entryway as a "welcome home" symbol. You know, just in case you didn't know you were home? That is a fine idea, but we also think these little houses would be cute anywhere around the home.


Copper and Brass Louise Vases



These vases are so sweet they make our hearts melt.


Glass Single Stem Vase


In case you were looking for something simpler.


3-Piece Mini Bud Vase Set


This set is perfect for daisies, tulips, sunflowers, or any variety of fun flowers. Picture it! Wouldn't that just make every day the best day?


Kitty Bud Vase


If you're a cat lady and you know it ... get this bud vase. This kitty also makes for a great little desk accessory at work.


Wilcoxson Brooklyn Ceramics Porcelain Bud Vases


Go ahead and tell all your visitors you made these. We won't tell.


Nova Vase


This is our splurge pick. We know it's a little pricey, but that hand-painted touch is gorgeous, luxurious and something that will add infinite depth and personality to your space.


Beaker Glass Tube 16-Inch Wall Vase


We love these because they look like a fancy design or art piece. Vases on a wall? Who thought of that? If we had these bud vases, we would most certainly never let them be without something - even if it was just foliage.




Forever 21 is to clothes as IKEA is to home decor. It’s fashionable, it’s affordable, and it totally does the trick. We saw similar vases at other places for at least five times the price. Maybe don’t brave IKEA for just this vase. But if you happen to be making the trip for a "vlorgjik" or "krecibigek" anyway, you should totally snatch up one of these puppies.

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