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Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room ... To Not Look Like a Dorm Room

You're about to be a bonafide adult! It's time to start living like one.

By Angela Law

Dorm rooms are funny situations. They are “temporary” dwellings that you are meant to not only spend a lot of time in, but socialize, decompress, recharge, and learn to be an adult in. How in the world are you suppose to decorate a space that’s meant to meet so many conflicting scenarios?

Part of the aesthetic philosophy has to borrow from the adage: Dress for the role you want. You might be tempted to take all your stuff animals with you to college — after all, they are your ride and dies. But bringing too many aspects of your old life might hinder you from really becoming the adult you’re meant to be.

So how about we compromise? How about you bring just one stuffed animal with you? For security. The others, you leave in your childhood bedroom along with the photo collage you made with your high-school besties, and your trophies, and all the other memories you’ll love visiting when you’re on break.

Meanwhile, this dorm room is where you discover the new you! It’s where you set yourself up for awesomeness. What would the dream you want this space to look like? Of course, you’re likely sharing the space with at least one other person and there are probably a lot of rules about what you can do to the walls. We took all this into account and still came up with a pretty amazing list of items you can use to personalize your dorm room. Check this out.

Marimekko Pienni Reversible Duvet Set

First step: A grown up duvet! You can always trust Marimekko to deliver a print that is whimsical yet highly sophisticated. That's actually the vibe you should be striving for in your dorm room: Fun but fabulous.

Opalhouse Tufted Oversize Square Pillow

You'll be tempted to buy all kinds of frankenstein seat/cushion/desk things that are supposed to make your dorm life easier. Resist! Trust me, an oversize pillow will do you just fine and look infinitely more chic.

Lekha Footed Mini Planter

There will be moments during your college career when you feel dead inside. For those moments, you need something to remind you of life.

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

Can't live without tunes! This speaker tells people that you are discerning about your music, which will make them all want to be your friends. Sure, it's expensive. But think about all those potential new friends!

Vanity Storage Wall Shelf

But how am I going to attach this thing to the wall when I am not allowed to drill holes?  Don't sweat it. They now make all kinds of adhesives that can withstand up to 20 lbs. per hook! This will keep all your knickknacks in place, which will keep your roommate(s) happy.

You Are Wall Tapestry

Tapestries are good ways to fill a wall and positive affirmations are just good for the soul.

DII Woven Basket

A laundry bag that you can't wait to show off to the world, is good motivation to keep your clothes clean.

Jetdio Metal Wire Hangers

Prepare for this: The "closet" in your "room" will probably not have a door. If all your things are going to be exposed, you might as well make the best of it with some cool hardware.

Cream Stripe Woven Accent Rug

What better way to claim your space in a shared dorm room! Create a personal island with this lush, shaggy rug.

Gold Wire Photo Clip Wall Panel

Familiar faces and places are nice. Keep a few in rotation with this gorgeous frame. How do you put it on the wall? See adhesives above!

Slipsilk™' Pure Silk Sleep Mask

There will be times when you and your roommate are not on the same schedule. If she's pulling an all-nighter but you need to catch some zzz's, this is your best bet. Also, it's made out of silk!

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