Ashandra Batiste

Ashandra "Shan" Batiste is a feisty dental surgeon who will drill your teeth in six-inch heels. Shan graduated from The University of Texas at Austin before attending Howard University College of Dentistry, and today owns her own dental practice, Elite Dental Wellness. Recently married to a medical device sales representative, Shan and her husband, Richard, truly are married to medicine. The two are parents to 3-year-old Logan, and Shan’s adorable daughter Avery, 10, from her previous marriage. Shan is also a member of the Houston Area Urban League for Young Professionals, the Richard E. Wainerdi Wellness Institute and the American Dental Association.  When she’s not serving on the PTO at her daughter's school or sitting on dental committees, this vivacious dentist enjoys working out, reading and painting the town red. Whether it's flying first class, or upgrading her office decor, nothing Shan does is average; she knows how to enjoy life’s luxuries and look fabulous while doing it.