Elly Pourasef

Elly Pourasef discovered the field of audiology when she was attending The University of Texas at Austin and instantly fell in love with it. She went on to receive her doctorate from her alma mater and today owns a private practice in Houston. Whether it’s giving a child the gift of hearing for the first time or playing therapist to an elderly person losing his or her hearing, Elly changes lives every day. A self-proclaimed workaholic, she loves her profession, but tries her best to make time for her husband, Ryan, who works in the automotive industry. A first generation American, Elly moved to Houston from Iran at five years old with her parents and younger sister, Pegah, of whom she is extremely overprotective. In her spare time, Elly taps into her Persian roots and her creative side with an event-planning side business that caters to Texas’ elite Persian community.