Christopher Scott

Current Residency: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Chef/Owner, Butterfunk Kitchen

Chef Chris Scott began his culinary career in Philadelphia when the city was in the midst of a culinary revolution. He worked alongside notable chefs such as Kevin Sbraga, Mike Isabella, Al Paris and Michael Solomanov. After spending 15 years in Philly honing his skills and running two major restaurants, Chef Chris moved to New York City where he served as Executive Chef for CNN and Time Warner, overseeing major dining events. He has cooked for elite dignitaries such as President Barack Obama, Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, South African President Nelson Mandela, and many other professional athletes and media personalities. In addition, Chef Chris has twice been part of a team that the James Beard Foundation has recognized with the prestigious "Dinner of the Year Award." In February 2016, Chris and his wife opened Butterfunk Kitchen, a soul food/juke joint restaurant that is heritage cooking at its finest. The restaurant was named BEST new restaurant in 2016 by Brooklyn Magazine and was also featured in The New York Times.