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Geoffrey Mac

Brooklyn, NY

Age: 42

Once Geoffrey Mac decided he wanted to study fashion design and construction, he hit the ground running in the fashion world. After earning his BFA at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he launched his own brand and has continued to grow it for the past 20 years. His inspiration comes from the various places he lived, as he grew up in a military family, and the rave culture of the 1990s. Geoffrey not only creates his own eye-catching garments, but throughout his career he has collaborated with major players in the industry, including the three-time Emmy winning costume designer Zaldy, whom he credits with further developing his own style. Geoffrey’s aesthetic ranges from quirky costume to luxury couture, with all his work including intricate detailing and innovation. Geoffrey has worked with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Bjork and Pink. His work has been seen on TV and worldwide stages, and his skill set has allowed him to tackle immense challenges and quick deadlines. He once made 24 garments in four days for Lady Gaga’s dancers. His collections have been shown in an abundance of fashion shows, including 2018 Dark Collection, Feb 2016 Sonar, and February 2016 Ice Cream Truck Underwear. As much as he loves collaborating, Geoffrey is hoping this opportunity on “Project Runway” will help give him the opportunity to build his own brand and eventually open a boutique in Manhattan.