Project Runway Season 20 Prajje Oscar Jean Baptiste

Prajjé Oscar Jean-Baptiste

Philadelphia, PA

Season 19

Prajjé Oscar Jean Baptiste, a Haitian-born designer, showcased his uniquely painted garments and avant-garde style during his debut in Season 19. Since then, he has been making strides with his high-end clothing company under his eponymous label. He loves designing intricate and colorful clothing that harkens back to the vintage glamour era. His new collection, inspired by his Haitian roots, pays homage to the elegant women who raised him. Prajjé is devoted to his culture and creating a sense of community among the Haitian diaspora, for which he was recently recognized with the Best of Philly 2022 Award in the formal designer category. His designs have also been featured in such top publications as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam and Rolling Stone. Prajjé is returning to the show with the hope of winning to expand his brand and support his family with the prize.