Project Runway Season 20 Nora Pgael

Nora Pagel

Metuchen, NJ

Season 1

Nora Pagel made her debut in the first season of “Project Runway” at just 21, unaware of the cultural phenomenon that lay ahead. She holds a degree in fashion design from Pratt Institute and has a background in fine arts. Today, she’s the creative director of Authentic Lifestyle Products in New York, advising and creating products for private and branded label apparel companies. Nora has collaborated with such major companies as Champion Athletics, Target, Kenneth Cole and Kendall + Kylie. She now resides in a New Jersey suburb with her husband and two children. With a keen eye for trends, Nora aims to create affordable yet high-quality garments. Almost two decades since her first appearance on “Project Runway,” Nora returns to the show to showcase her ability to create stunning runway looks. She champions the idea that it’s never too late to follow your own dreams aside from your daily work and life, and strives to show her kids that vision.