Melanie Marden

Confident and full of life, Melanie Marden is a partner at She has been in love with the beauty industry ever since she opened her first day spa at 21-years-old. In addition to her busy entrepreneurial endeavors, Melanie recently graced the cover of Italy’s Maxim Magazine, which did a six-page spread on her career in film, both as an award winning actress and producer. Melanie began her producing career after losing her Mom. She decided to honor her with a tribute film, Timeless, which proved successful as it screened at Cannes International Film Festival and won various awards and accolades globally. Passionate for staying healthy and in-shape, Melanie has also modeled for renowned ad-campaigns across billboards, buildings, commercials and full-page magazine and newspaper spreads around the country. Recently divorced and looking for a soulmate that appreciates and encourages her dreams, Melanie would love to marry again one day and knows her friend Greg is an incredible man who could potentially fill that void