Rhop Season 8 Nneka

Nneka Ihim

Nneka Ihim is the new girl in Potomac. Raised in Beloit, Wisconsin, she’s a first-generation Nigerian-American whose drive and appreciation for the finer things in life are due to the hard work of her parents. Nneka’s father works as an interventional cardiologist while her mother is a stay-at-home mom who raised Nneka and her three older siblings. Nneka got her law degree from the University of Wisconsin and then practiced in Los Angeles for nearly 10 years. While in L.A., Nneka met her future husband, Dr. Ikenna Ihim, when he sent her a DM. Like the risk taker she is, she went on her first date with him three weeks later on Christmas Day.

Nneka currently works as in-house employment counsel for a global financial technology company. She and Ikenna got married two years ago and recently bought a home in Potomac. Nneka loves to travel and her all-around vibe is social and fun — a people person with a large circle of friends whom she celebrates and supports. She rides hard for her friends and gives everyone she meets a loving and honest chance. However, don’t mistake her kindness for weakness.

Although Nneka loves to work, she doesn’t want to limit herself. She’s a champagne connoisseur and entrepreneur, and founded her own alcoholic beverage company, Bido. She recently started a nonprofit called A Life of Lux and spearheaded the development of a dating/social app called Hello Africa. She also hopes to start a family with her husband soon. Nneka’s got a lot on her plate, but she’s used to having it all.