Oscar Madrazo

Oscar Madrazo owns the largest and most prestigious modeling agency in Latin America. Submerged in the fashion world, he started his company at 18 years old and it remains his passion 30 years later. He and his sister Paulina Madrazo co-host “Qué Madrazo,” an entertainment talk show in Mexico City, and he also owns a social media and production house. Oscar made major waves in Mexico by being the first openly gay man in Latin America to have children through surrogacy. Now 13 years old, his twins Anyk and Axel are his greatest source of pride and joy. Oscar also shares an extremely tight bond with his sister, who he considers his soul mate. With his children on the cusp of their teenage years and his sister in a new relationship, single Oscar is looking to gain his own life back and dip his toes back into the dating pool to find love.