Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8 Ruan

Ruan Irving

•    Hometown: Margate, South Africa 
•    Birth date: July 24  
•    Zodiac sign: Leo    
•    Years of experience in the yachting industry: 10 
•    Favorite off-boat activities: I like to box spearfish, surf, ride motor cross bikes, and swim.  
•    What is your wildest charter guest story from your career? One guest wanted to do the flyboard and ended up flying so high that he fell onto a jet ski and broke his shoulder and ribs.  
•    What was your first impression of Mustique? It was an old classic boat and still looking good. 
•    Favorite place you’ve been on charter/place you traveled? To charter, for sure Bonifacio. To where I’ve traveled to, Bali.
•    What’s one thing about working and living on a boat that would surprise people?  All the different personalities and pressure on one small boat can be a recipe for disaster.