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The Daily Dish Below Deck Mediterranean

Here Are All Of The Filming Locations In Below Deck Mediterranean History

From sailing around the Greek islands to coasting in Croatia, Captain Sandy Yawn and crew have been places.

By Casey Suglia

When the Below Deck Mediterranean crew is sailing around the Mediterranean with Captain Sandy Yawn at the helm, they are bound to make port in some gorgeous locations.

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Each season brings a different group of crew members together in a brand new location on yet another mega yacht. Whether they're exploring the Greek islands with charter guests, trying to set up a picnic on the windy coast of Croatia, or dealing with difficult guests in the South of France, the crew members are always prepared to deal with what is given to them. And being able to hang out in a gorgeous locale between charters certainly doesn't hurt, either.

But these locations are not chosen at random. In 2020, the New York Times reported that a suitable location for filming each season offers "easy access to a major airport", a "robust network of local suppliers able to continuously outfit the yacht with perishables like ice and fresh meat," and "be a place that will look beautiful on TV."

When it comes to the Mediterranean, it's seems like it'd be hard for there not to be a beautiful location. Read on to live out all of your yachting fantasies.

Season 1: The Greek Islands 

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1 took place in the Greek Islands.

Season 1 of Below Deck Med kicked off on the coast of Greece — and, more specifically, the Greek Islands. This debut season of the Below Deck spinoff was the franchise's first time venturing to the Mediterranean even though, as one of the cast members stated in the introduction to the first episode of Season 1, "the Mediterranean is the hub of yachting."

This gave charter guests the opportunity to explore all of the gorgeous locations. "We have Mykonos to the north, Santorini to the south," the late Captain Mark Howard said in Season 1. "Every time we drop anchor it will be some place different for them."

And that is exactly what charter guests did aboard the M/Y Ionian Princess in the debut season. Although the crew — including Below Deck Med mainstay, chief steward Hannah Ferrier — were a bit Americanized, they were still able to manage. After throwing a hoedown and coming up with a way for charter guests to make s'mores in Greece, the crew members still got to enjoy the crystal blue waters that the Greek islands had to offer.

Season 2: Croatia

Below Deck Med season 2 takes place in Croatia.

Captain Sandy's debut season found her controlling the M/Y Sirocco on the Adriatic Sea along the coast of Croatia, primarily along the Dalmatian coast.

"Croatia is the Mediterranean's hidden gem. It has like, hundreds of islands," said one crew member in Season 2, Episode 1. "Everything about this place is just gorgeous," added another.

But Captain Sandy's first season wasn't entirely full of smooth sailing. Captain Sandy and returning chief steward Hannah were at odds after Hannah allegedly kissed a charter guest behind closed doors and continued to stay in contact with the person, breaking one of Captain Sandy's biggest rules.

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In spite of the conflict, the crew still ended up loving Captain Sandy for her fantastic personality and impeccable leadership skills. "She's easy going, she's funny, and she's so laid back," deckhand Max Hagley said. "I mean, if she was any more laid back, she'd fall over."

Season 3: Italy  

Below Deck Season 3 took place in Italy.

Captain Sandy returned for good in Season 3 of Below Deck Med, this time aboard the M/Y Talisman Maiton, sailing around coastal Italy in the "biggest yacht" that she had ever captained.

"You can't help but think of Italy as the most romantic place in the world," one crew member said in Season 3, Episode 1. "Naples is a big super yacht marina," Captain Sandy added. "Lovely anchorages: Capri, Ischia, Positano."

Hannah and Chef Adam Glick were the only returning crew members this season, but that didn't stop the crew from mostly working well together. Lead deckhand João Franco hit it off with second and third stews, Brooke Laughton and Kasey Cohen, but found himself clashing with Hannah due to their different personalities. 

Season 4: France 

Below Deck Med season 5 takes place in France.

Below Deck Med took to the south of France for the first time in Season 4, aboard the M/Y Sirocco first seen in Season 2. And this updated location brought a new bout of charter guests and crew members alike. "South of France is a playground for the wealthiest people in the world," one crew member said during Episode 1.

"You have Cannes, St. Tropez, Nice, and Monaco," Captain Sandy added. "It's where everyone shows off. Look at me. Look how big my boat is."

Hannah, for one, was looking forward to docking in a new country. "The South of France is my home away from home," she said. "I actually discovered it when I was traveling around Europe with my mom. I went home and put into Google, 'what can I do speaking English in the South of France' and yachting came up and voilà."

In spite of being in her happy place, Hannah and Captain Sandy found themselves in a tiff when Sandy wasn't pleased with Hannah's level of service, which she claimed had been declining all season. But despite their issues, coupled with a change in chef midway through the charter, the crew  — even Hannah and Sandy — were able to end on good terms. 

Season 5: Spain

Below Deck Med Producer Bts

Season 5 had the M/Y Wellington cruising in the ever-so-desirable location off the island of Mallorca, Spain.

"Mallorca is literally one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean," Hannah, back for her fifth season as Chief Steward, told cameras in Episode 1. "The anchorages are stunning. The waters are second to none."

But this was also a season for the history books. Why? Because for the first time, Captain Sandy had a female bosun, Malia White, putting women in all of the positions of leadership, and it was officially the "biggest boat" that Captain Sandy had ever steered (take that, Season 3). How is that for some girl power? 

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But in typical Below Deck Med fashion, things had to go wrong. The first charter got a little complicated when Hannah found herself in conflict with her second stew, Lara Flumiani, and Malia felt like she wasn't being respected by her deck crew. Later on in the season, Captain Sandy found that Hannah was in possession of medication that she wasn't prescribed, making her too much of a risk to go to sea. She then asked Hannah to leave the ship for good.

Season 6: Croatia

Below Deck Med Season 6 takes place in Croatia.

After a rocky season in Season 5, Season 6 started off on a high with a brand new chief stew, Katie Flood, returning bosun Malia, and Captain Sandy's second time yachting in Croatia — this time docking the M/Y Lady Michelle in Šibenik. 

Malia, personally, was happy to be back. "It's actually a crazy feeling being back in Croatia, because the last time I was here, I was a green deckie," she said in Episode 1 of Season 6, referring to her first appearance on Below Deck Med in Season 2. "It was the opportunities that Captain Sandy gave me that made me want to stick with yachting."

Captain Sandy was also very happy to be back. "Being back here on the Dalmatian coast, based in Šibenik, it's more nature, country, small village. I love that."

Of course, this season was not without its fair share of excitement. Captain Sandy got to officiate her first a wedding on ship, in between trying to calm down an injured chef, managing a very "green" deck crew, and navigating a massive rain storm. Hey, no one said charter season would be a walk in the park.

Season 7: Malta 

Below Deck Med Season 7 takes place in Malta.

This season found Captain Sandy in her first time ever in Malta and it's safe to say that it was exciting for her. "Malta is a small country off the coast of Sicily," Captain Sandy said in Season 7 Episode 1. "It has so many different influences. Arabic, Italian, Spanish. It's a little piece of paradise that hasn't been discovered by the super yacht industry."

In addition to being in a new place, Captain Sandy was dealing with an all new crew — chief steward, Natasha Webb, head chef, Dave White, and bosun, Raygan Tyler.

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"This season for me, it's a new place, a new boat, with new department heads," Captain Sandy said in the first episode. (This was the recipe for either a great charter season aboard the M/Y Home or a terrifying one.) "Challenge accepted," she said.

But this new location did give way to new difficulties. Captain Sandy had to deal with hiring a new bosun after a major error was made and had to hire extra deckhands and an extra stew to help pick up some slack. Still, she managed to make do, and the charter season was completed successfully.

Season 8: Italy

Below Deck Med Season 8 takes place in Italy.

Captain Sandy was already very familiar with Season 8's location in Genoa, Italy: She previously lived there for a year and had come to know the lay of the land before climbing aboard M/Y Mustique in Season 8. "Genoa's one of the busiest ports in Europe," she said in Episode 1.

"It's beautiful. It is the Italian Riviera," she added. "You have all these amazing places you can drop anchor. It's an epic experience."

And what an experience it has been so far this season. Not only did the chief stew and second stew get caught up in customs ahead of the first charter, Captain Sandy's bosun, Ruan Irving, had incorrect paperwork, leading her to have to assign Luka Brunton as bosun at the last minute.

In spite of these changes, the scenery has been beautiful this season — and that will never change.

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