The Best Time to Make Resolutions Is Actually Right Now!

The Best Time to Make Resolutions Is Actually Right Now!

It's not all about January 1...

By Marni Eth

“New Year, New You” is a phrase we hear all too often, but is the beginning of the year really the right time to make a resolution? Setting a goal around January 1st can  lead to failure, because the timing imposes considerable unnecessary pressure to make a change before you are actually prepared to do so. If you are feeling discouraged for already reverting to old habits that you planned on ditching in 2018 (or for not setting any resolutions in the first place), no need to worry — you can start those goals today, if you are ready to take on the challenge!

Life coach and Reiki master, Christie Woods, explains that the right time to change is any time you are ready — “The calendar is completely arbitrary!” Woods works one-on-one with clients by phone or on Skype to help guide them towards whatever they wish; whether it is better relationships, physical health, financial well-being, or anything else. Below, Woods has shared three key practices to create a resolution that will foster real and lasting personal change!

1. Choose a resolution that creates an intense charge.

No matter what category of life you want to expand, the most important aspect is that your desire is resonant with who you truly are and what you truly want. The ability to follow through has a great deal to do with emotional intensity: the excitement we feel when thinking about our desire. Choosing a resolution that creates an intense charge will ignite the energetic power required to create something new.

The reason this is important: People often choose resolutions that don’t matter much to them one way or the other; however, this simply does a disservice and almost certainly sets them up for disappointment.

2. Write down all the reasons for your resolution.

You must have a clear and compelling vision for what you want to create; it helps to articulate all the reasons for your resolution. Why have you “resolved” to create this change in your life? Why does it excite you so much? The “why” is just as important as the “what” in the resolution process and keeps the energy alive! So, identify the reasons that you are going to follow through when the going gets tough.

The reason this is important: This is one of the biggest missing components for people to achieve their goals; their reasons aren’t powerful enough to help them become creative and overcome the inevitable obstacles that will present themselves along the way.

3. Find a way to access the feeling you want to experience.

How do you want to feel once your resolution has been fulfilled? How you feel (your current thoughts and emotions) in any given moment equals your point of attraction regarding all subjects and is the indicator of future manifestations. For example, if your reason for attracting a new partner in your life is to experience more love, then you must find a way to feel more love now. It doesn't matter where that love comes from: a pet, a child, a parent, or a friend — find a way to access the feeling you are wishing to experience from your resolution. This will enhance your attraction of that same energy.

The reason this is important: Like energy always attracts like energy, without exception. The real reason a person would want to make a change in their life is to feel better. So, find a way to feel better right now (even if it is a temporary solution), and you will begin to attract people, opportunities and circumstances that will make that feeling much stronger.

According to Woods, her clients often think that when they have manifested their desires or resolution, then they will feel better. However, Woods reveals, “life doesn’t work that way!” You create what you vibrate energetically in the form of emotions, so find a way to access the emotions you want to develop, and you will begin to see your physical life shift quickly.

Woods also suggests “co-creating with a partner can be even more fun and exhilarating than individual creation.” You and your partner both have desires and momentum; “when your desires converge, the synergy of that momentum can amplify the possibilities of creation.” So if you and your partner (or a friend) have always wanted to get in shape, or try a new hobby, now is the perfect time to try whatever it is together!

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