If You Bring a Date Home, Here's What Will Make Them Run for the Hills

If You Bring a Date Home, Here's What Will Make Them Run for the Hills

Yes, it has to do with your home's cleanliness.

By Marianne Garvey

There are plenty of things that could make a date you asked back to your place bail pretty quickly. But the date went well, they’re back in your place, what could go wrong now? A lot.

Since your home reveals just about everything about you, take a good look around at the way you are living. Dirty laundry on display or unclean sheets on your bed can make someone change their mind about you in an instant.

According to nearly 1,000 people surveyed, these are the top turn-ons and turn offs in your home.

For both men and women, smells made it to the top of their turn-ons list. Your signature scent may be one of the first things a new date notices, and how your home smells matters too. Research shows smells trigger our memories and emotions, which means if you don’t get this one right the first time, it could haunt you forever.

For men, they noticed a comfortable bed and a TV in the bedroom, and women were more impressed when their date lived alone, had a doormat, and evidence of President Obama support.

Both men and women were especially turned off when their date’s roommate also happened to be their ex, if there was a pregnancy test in the trash, and if there were remnants of a previous relationship. Dirty dishes and dead plants turned off men. Women, on the other hand, were turned off by evidence of Donald Trump support or weapons on display.

Men were twice as likely (30 percent) to wash their sheets before every date regardless of whether they were planning to bring someone home.
Another 45 percent of men and 46 percent of women made sure to wash their sheets only if they prepared for a cuddle session at the end of the evening. Thirty-nine percent of women and 25 percent of men didn’t bother washing their sheets regardless of post-date plans.

While men and women averaged three dates each month, men were far more likely to invite their dates back home. Those avoiding cleaning up before bringing a date home might want to reconsider, as 36 percent of women left their date’s home because it was too dirty.

Discovering your date has a perfectly clean and well-furnished home certainly ranked as one of the best first impressions they could make.

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