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This Is Definitely What Kate Beckinsale Meant When She Refers to Pete Davidson’s "Bag of Mischief"

Sure, Kate Beckinsale says she's "surprised by the interest" in her relationship, but we were scratching our heads at The Widow star's latest comment about Pete Davidson.

By Morgan Ashley Parker
Pete Davidson & Kate Beckinsale

Everyone's favorite new couple — no, just us? — has been hitting the town coast-to-coast from hockey games to dinners with the family

While Pete Davidson already spoke out about this new relationship on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, now it's Kate Beckinsale's turn to have something (else) clever to say.

When asked if she was surprised by all the attention on her dating life in a recent Los Angeles Times interview, the actress said, "I’m surprised by the interest. I’ve never been in this position before — never dated anybody who comes with their own bag of mischief. It’s all quite shocking, and something to get used to. I think if you liked the person less, you would bow out of it. If that were the main thrust of the relationship, there would be a problem. But it’s not."

Ummm, say what? What in the world does a "bag of mischief" entail?! We practically had a roundtable at Bravo HQ about it, and here are our five best theories about the subject:

It's something dirty

Well, the most popular guess involved the elephant in the room, as it's hard to forget about what Bethenny Frankel speculated was a "diamond D." This has to be something dirty — so could it be a bag of sex toys?

It's something comedy-related

But wait, he is a comedian, so maybe it's like a bag of props for pranks? TBH, it doesn't seem that far off to imagine Davidson walking around with a little bag including a whoopie cushion, some fake poop, and a pack of snapping gum.

It's musical

Have you heard of DJ Kamikaze's 2006 EP, Bag of Mischief? If not, then you're not alone — but, thanks to Google, that went on the list. After all, it includes such suspiciously named songs like, "All that Wurk," "Dry Ass Bang," and "Dirty Funker." We'll just leave you with that (and this Spotify link).

Mischief has another meaning we're missing

Someone else speculated that perhaps mischief has a different meaning in the U.K. — much like how Lisa Vanderpump uses the word "naughty." Traditionally, we agreed that both words seem better suited to a child than a grown human in the U.S., so perhaps Beckinsale was just playfully joking that his funny nature is mischievous — like he has so much mischief in him that he has a whole bag of it.

Our final answer (that we're sticking with)

At this point it was time to phone a British friend, and her response made so much sense that, even if it's not true, it sounds better than any of the wild guesses we came up with... but still involves some of our initial thoughts.

Our wise pal suspects that Beckinsale was being coy (versus oversharing) and that she's actually referring to baggage. So, it's more that this bag of mischief is actually filled with his exes (like Ariana Grande and Cazzie David) and other past problems, and instead of being dramatic (and direct) about it, she's trying to play it off by calling it mischief, like it's just the pesky problems we've all dealt with

Of course, Davidson's bag of mischief is much larger than anyone she's ever dated before (no pun intended) because of his very public past relationships and the aftermath of his latest breakup.

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