What Makes a Man Cheat When His Partner Is Pregnant?

What Makes a Man Cheat When His Partner Is Pregnant?

We're talking to you, Tristan Thompson. 

By Marianne Garvey

Being pregnant is hard enough without your partner using the time to conveniently cheat on you. Add a snake of a partner to swollen ankles, extra weight, insomnia, and God knows what else is going on with your body, and it can feel like the end of the world. Not only are your hormones out of whack, you’re now dealing with major stress after your discovery.

Of course there are supportive husbands and boyfriends, some who even give up booze for nine months out of solidarity or gain sympathy weight because they love being — and eating carbs — alongside you. But, there are always the cheaters. And what a time to cheat, fellas. Possibly no other action can gain you as much scorn as an evil POS than cheating on a pregnant woman. How about these women need your support and love?

It seemed that Khloe Kardashian had finally found the right guy, settled in Cleveland and started a family, after years of struggling to hide her ex-husband Lamar Odom’s drug habit. She began dating Tristan Thompson in 2016 and, while she is due with their baby girl any day now, his cheating ways surfaced, with an insider telling People the scandal “has been a long time coming,” and TMZ posting a different video from Oct, 2017 of the basketball star in action — off-the-court.

“Tristan has been consistently cheating on Khloe,” the magazine reports. “He’s a serial cheater. And there will be more women to come out of the woodwork.”

He was outed after apparently spending Saturday night snuggling a stripper from Queens at the PH-D Lounge in New York City in video footage and photos obtained by the Daily Mail, then caught spending the weekend with her inside his hotel room at the Four Seasons.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a famous model, either. Heidi Klum was dumped for a 19-year-old by her wealthy ex, Flavio Briatore when she was pregnant with her first child. She left him after discovering he was having an affair with a teenager and later married Seal.

Recently, Kevin Hart was caught in a cheating scandal. The comedian was blackmailed by a woman who claimed to have a sex tape of them together — at the time, his wife, Eniro Parrish was eight months pregnant.

“I’m guilty, regardless of how it happened and what was involved, the s–t that I can’t talk about, I’m guilty. I’m wrong,” Kevin told radio show, The Breakfast Club. “It’s beyond irresponsible. There’s no way around it. That’s Kevin Hart in his dumbest moment. That’s not the finest hour of my life. With that being said, you make your bed you lay in it.”

The two are still together and raising their newborn son, Kenzo Kash.

“You don’t plan to f— up,” Kevin said. “You f— up, and then you go, ‘Oh s—, I f—– up’ … I’m gonna go home, I’m gonna address it, I’m gonna make my wife fully aware of what’s going on in the situation that I have now put us in and I’m hoping that she has a heart to where she can forgive me  and understand that this is not going to be a reoccurring thing and allow me to recover from my f—— massive mistake. That’s what I’m trying to do not only as a man, but within teaching a lesson to my son.”

In 2014, Kendra Wilkinson revealed that her husband, Hank Baskett, had cheated on her while she was pregnant with their daughter, Alijah. The former NFL player cheated on the mom-to-be with a transexual model named Eva London, but the two stayed together, hoping to remain married. Kendra just recently filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

The Dream and Christina Milian married and announced a baby on the way shortly after — that is until she was served divorce papers a week before her due date. The Dream was caught on vacation with a new woman, who was reported to be his assistant.

America’s Got Talent judge and former Spice Girl Mel B was six months pregnant with Eddie Murphy's child when he left her for producer and TV host Tracey Edmonds. After Mel gave birth to her daughter, Angel Iris, the comedian denied he was the father, but a dependable paternity test would confirm that Eddie was, in fact, the dad. He has reportedly since spent some time getting to know his daughter.

Think Tom Brady’s perfect? Yeah, no. Once dating gorgeous actress Bridget Moynahan, he called it quits with the Blue Bloods star and entered a serious relationship with model Gisele Bundchen. Surprise! Right after breaking up, Bridget discovered that she was pregnant with his baby, and announced her pregnancy a few months later. Tom went on to marry Gisele and have two children with her, while also successfully co-parent his son with Bridget together.

Outspoken talk host Wendy Williams revealed in 2001 that, while she was pregnant with her first son, she found out her husband, Kevin Hunter, had cheated on her during her pregnancy. The two stayed (and remain) together, despite rumors her husband has a long-term mistress.

Actor Billy Crudup publicly dumped his long-term girlfriend, Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker, so he could date Claire Danes. MLP was pregnant at the time, but avoid the scandal by staying mum. However, in her 2015 book Dear Mr. You, she admits she lost it on a cab driver when he took her in the wrong direction, but it was anger that should have been directed at Billy. Claire meanwhile, had little if any guilt, telling Howard Stern in an interview, "I was just in love with him and needed to explore that and I was 24…I didn't quite know what those consequences would be."

Who could forget Kevin Federline? Mr. Britney Spears, a former backup dancer wa dating a woman named Shar Jackson and she was pregnant with their second child when he ran away with Britney. K-Fed and Britney soon married and had two boys together, but eventually divorced.

New York City tabloids were abuzz when Tiki Barber walked out on his wife of over a decade, Ginny Cha, while she was pregnant with twins. Oh, and on bed rest. He was having an affair, and filed for divorce before the twins were born.

While hormones are at play during pregnancy, and our spidey senses may be picking up the wrong signals, experts say be alert during pregnancy of anything out of the ordinary with your partner, because it’s a vulnerable time. Come on, really?

Well, lack of a sex life while a woman is pregnant and her changing appearance (unfortunately) affect the man, say experts, and it’s a high-risk time for infidelity. It’s not every relationship though, obviously.

Let your partner know he’s a priority. You may be growing a baby, but there’s also a grown one living in your house. Discuss your plans and options for a sex life, and let your partner know they are important too, say experts. Don't make it all about baby.

But, really, at the core of it, what makes a man cheat when his wife is pregnant?

New York based pregnancy and pre-pregnancy therapist Dr. Shira Danzig tells Personal Space that a few different factors could be at play (and stresses she does not know nor work with Khloe).

“You can be absolutely struggling with your sex life when a woman is pregnant. First of all it’s complicated, it’s hard physically, the larger you are, the harder it is to have intercourse. But some women have a higher sex drive and some men think ‘I don’t want to hurt the baby’…There are a lot of factors that can impact your sex life when a woman is pregnant.”

Dr. Danzig says so many people are having a reaction to Khloe’s predicament, because going into labor is stressful enough, without being in the public eye, then being betrayed like this where everyone knows.

“What I would advise take care of yourself, focus on baby … having your first baby is a really big deal, hopefully have the support of your family, focusing on the next few days, getting support where you can get support, and if you can tolerate him being around, OK.”

And like many, many factors, finding out your partner has been unfaithful can trigger postpartum depression, along with any stressful situation, so it’s certainly not great.

Pregnant partners can’t compartmentalize the feelings of baby bliss and anger from cheating, and likely have to deal with both in the days leading up to and following the birth.

“Having a baby is a lot of complicated feelings, your identity changes into a mother and having responsibility and you are physically exhausted and in pain and not having that support is really devastating, it’s a difficult time,” Dr. Danzig says. “One would feel happy and joyous, but life is not logical. And to assume you can put it off, it won’t happen that way. It’s very messy.”

According to the psychologist Robert Rodriguez, author of What’s Your Pregnant Man Thinking?, 10 percent of expectant fathers cheat on their partners during pregnancy. Many have fears about fatherhood, not that that’s an excuse to cheat. Still, he says, about 15 percent of couples expecting a baby break up before the baby is born, nearly every time due to the guy and infidelity or fear.

He explains that men see their fun lives disappearing forever, and days of drinking and hooking up are over. Sometimes, the idea of taking care of a family is simply too much responsibility so he bails.

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