Why Sandra Bullock Says "Nope" to Finding a Date for Keanu Reeves

Why Sandra Bullock Says "Nope" to Finding a Date for Keanu Reeves

Does Sandra Bullock see marriage in the future for her Speed co-star?

By Tamara Palmer
Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves

Sandra Bullock isn't buying the lonely guy persona that Keanu Reeves has been putting out there lately.

Her former co-star in the 1994 movie Speed allegedly said romantic love has eluded him (although his rep later claimed that was false), but when Entertainment Tonight asked Bullock if she'd ever set him up on a blind date, she didn't hesitate.

"He doesn't need anybody's help!" she said. "Nope. He's good."

Bullock does see a possible marriage in his future, though — for their Speed characters, should they ever do a sequel.

"We'll be an old married couple," she speculated. "We'll have the walker and it will be about how we can get to the old people home before curfew. So, that will be the [new] Speed. It will be a slow film, but a play on the word 'speed.'"

But let's not forget Reeves is still technically married to Winona Ryder, so maybe Bullock really knows what she's saying.

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