Why You Might Just Get Lucky in Love on July 8th

Why You Might Just Get Lucky in Love on July 8th

Plus, the best days of the week and times of the day to get swiping.

By Jen Glantz
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Shep's Number One Tip For a Good Dating Profile

If you were to guess which day is the most popular day for people to use dating apps, maybe you’d pick Single Awareness Day, also known as Valentine’s Day, or one lonely day in December, when it’s too cold to do anything but sit on your couch and swipe left or right. But according to Match.com, after sorting through over 20 years of their user data, they named July 8 as the busiest day of the year for dating apps. 

If you’re wondering why a random day in July took the crown for the best day to be on a dating app, Jessica Cline, a LCSW and psychotherapist specializing in divorce and relationships, says it completely makes sense because summertime is often the time for activities and adventures.  

“Summer is really one of the best times to be using an online service,” says Cline. “Ideally we want a life partner that shares in these interests which would prompt more people to begin to be more proactive in their love life. The days are longer and we feel happier and healthier in the summer due to vitamin D and an active lifestyle.” 

Catherine Malone, a dating expert for the dating app Wild, says that according to an analysis of Facebook updates, since the most popular time for a couple to call it quits is Spring (usually right after Valentine’s Day), there’s a major increase of new users from late spring to the beginning of summer. 

But even if you’re not planning on spending quality time with your dating apps on July 8, you still have a few more months of summer left to soak up prime dating season.  

Cline says that if you’re going to take dating seriously this season it’s worth it to know the best time to give it a try.   

“Online dating services traditionally see an increase around 11:30 am -1:00 pm which makes sense as people are able to check in during their lunch time,” Cline says. “After work around 6pm is also a good time to present on a dating app. Best days to use the app would be Monday-Thursday.” 

Cline also recommends a profile refresh, giving your bio and your photos a summertime vibe. 

“Update that profile and rainstorm some words that you would use to describe your summer self, and if you have a hard time with that ask friends,” Cline says. “Have a fresh set of eyes critique your profile, and if you can have two. We are our own worst critics and the lenses that we look at ourselves is often different from how people we care about see us.” 

Because summer moves fast and before we know it, we’ll be clutching onto our winter coats, Cline says give in to the urgency in dating during the summer. 

“There is so much to do and everyone is making plans and filling their schedule. So reach out to someone you like and work to skillfully move it offline if the vibe is right. I suggest moving it offline because you do not want to put in this work and attention and end up someone’s chat buddy online or worse makeshift therapist,” Cline says. 

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