Watch This Secret Crush Revealed: It Was Love at First Pizza (at Age Four)

Watch This Secret Crush Revealed: It Was Love at First Pizza (at Age Four)

Now that they’re adults, will he feel the same way?

By Personal Space Staff
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It Was Love at First Pizza (at Age Four)

Bravo’s new digital series, Secret Crush, explores real-life crushes who are ready to get some real-life answers. While some crushes are on people we see everyday, others are on people that we may have romanticized from our past.

Take this example: Olivia’s story with Harry started out as any good love story does — with a chance meeting on the beach. They were only four years old at the time ... so it ended in a pizza party instead of a wedding.

Now, more than 20 years later, she’s ready to reveal her true feelings. Watch the video above to see how it goes.

When we chatted with Alex Williamson el-Effendi (Head of Brand at Bumble) about confessing to a long-time secret admiration, she noted, “It’s become so easy to blow people off digitally — especially because there are so many different avenues to connect with someone online today — email, text, Facebook, Instagram, and more.”

“There are often a lot of emotions that come to the surface if you haven’t seen that person in ages. Sometimes there’s an instant mutual spark, and sometimes those feelings bubble to the surface after you reconnect.”

So, there you have it — when you have a crush, remember to be upfront and clear and weigh the potential awkwardness with the potential reward.

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