S6 - E10

Ep 10: The Lying Game

In a supersized episode, MJ takes tentative steps towards renovating her condo but is overwhelmed by all the moves she has yet to make. Shervin and Annalise have an unwanted guest bring some even-more-unwanted news during Annalise’s final night in LA. GG’s boyfriend Shalom helps her pack as she prepares to head to New York for her play, but he doesn’t quite have all the information about what her performance entails. Meanwhile, Reza plans to put on a play of his own starring himself and MJ. MJ tells her mother that she wants to have a baby, much to Vida’s dismay. The crew heads to MJ’s to give her a gentle nudge towards completing her renovation, but the night turns into a drunken mess when Shervin owns up to his mistakes and Tommy drops a bomb on MJ that threatens to tear them apart.

Aired: 09/24/2017
TV-14 |