S6 - E7

Ep 7: You Got Sherv'd

Asa begins to feel more isolated from the crew. During a boys’ night out, Mike decides that it’s time to move forward with his love life, while MJ continues to move forward with hers. MJ hears some major gossip about Swervin’ Shervin that quickly spreads to the rest of the crew. With Baby Fever contagious, Adam continues to put pressure on Reza, MJ and Tommy continue their own baby-making quest, and even GG’s biological clock begins to tick. Mike, looking to cash in on his friends’ new obsessions, decides to expand his shoe line to include baby shoes. GG’s 80’s themed roller-skating party turns into an interrogation when Shervin is forced to confront the rumors about him head on.

Aired: 08/27/2017
TV-14 |