S2 - E7

Ep 7: Turks and Consequences

Following a heated conversation that ended in Lyle and Catherine wanting space from eachother, Hannah reunites the gang by taking everyone to Turks and Caicos for her dirty 30 birthday celebration. But when Louis pulls an all-nighter to make the flight from his trade show in Florida, he ditches Hannah’s birthday dinner and gets the night off to a rough start. As tensions grow between Catherine and Lyle, Brandon confronts Lyle about his behavior, leading everyone to point fingers and take sides. Feeling guilty, Lyle finally gives Catherine the apology she’s been waiting for, sparking new hope for their tumultuous relationship. Meanwhile, Hannah’s mom helps her realize how to improve her relationship with Louis, but her happiness is short lived when Louis reveals that there’s trouble in the bedroom.

Aired: 08/27/2018
TV-14 |